About Me

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All through my 20’s I would say I had many, many, good times just being a young adult with no cares in the world.  I was taking trips to Jamaica, Bahamas, and spring breaks in Cancun Mexico.  Always out with my girlfriends just having a blast, and more concerts then I can count.  I had been skydiving, white water rafting, anything with a thrill!

 :An example of how/when I knew life had changed
Out with a friend ( J.S.) one night, get a call the next morning to see if I could check my car to see if she had left 1 shoe in it from the night before… Oh what a night!
Now fast forward 3-4 years… Same friend calls my house after leaving a 4th of July party at my house, this time she
was calling to see if I can find her daughters pink sippy cup. I remember laughing so hard and saying to her, 
“My how our lives have changed!” 
This may have been part of the reason why adjusting after having baby #1 was so difficult for me!
Now I am “Mom” but still trying really hard to remain Beth too.  I love the boys and of course they are always put first, however sometimes I think it is important to take time out to be me.  A mom needs a break sometimes.  I’ll be the first to say my boys can drive me crazy!  It is important to have that balance so you don’t become insane dealing with crying, screaming, fighting, whining, and constant “I need this”, “Get me this now please”… They are very demanding little shits and sometimes I need a time out before I lose my shit!