5 Fun Things To Do With A Google Home Device & Little Ones

Here in New England we have been stuck in this weather pattern called “the deep freeze.” We even had a snow storm called the Bomb Cyclone, Grayson.  WTH, I’ve never even heard that term before!

So needless to say the boys and I are on the brink. Stir crazy doesn’t even come close to describing how we have felt. We have come up with cool ways to occupy our time and have fun together. The technology of the Google Home device has come to our rescue.

Here are some fun things to do with your little ones:

1) “Hey Google, tell us a children’s story!”  We have heard a few so far.  Hansel & Gretel, Sleeping Beauty and Goldielocks and The Three Bears.

2) “Hey Google, play today’s top hits music for our dance party!”

We love dance parties!  We usually have them in my bedroom because that is where the loudest stereo is but not anymore.  We dance, jump, and spin until we are dizzy.  The boys always try to sneak past me in order to turn up the volume.  I pretend I don’t know what they are up to and then act crazy when the song turns up full blast.  They laugh and laugh and this never gets old.

3) “Hey Google, find a great recipe for peanut butter blossoms.”

We decided we wanted cookies.  I think baking with little ones is a good test to see what your level of patience is.  Note to self:  Work on patience!

4) “Hey Google, play some relaxation sounds.”

Just like that he breaks into yoga poses. Now I just need to figure out how to make a nap command!  Please Google make this happen, you can learn it, I have faith in you.


5) “Hey Google, play our favorite podcast “Ear Snacks” or “Disney Story Central.”

Then Google will begin to play some silly songs or play a short Disney story.  I never thought my boys would enjoy listening to something, without the screen time, but they do.  They really get a kick out of it.  However it has ruined their plot to make me think they do not know how to listen.  Note to self:  No need to get their selective hearing checked.

podcast                         disney

I was able to grab my Google Home at my local Best Buy. It was $129. It has great sound with some cranking bass too. Best $129 I’ve spent in a while. I love Best Buy and could get lost in the store for hours checking everything out.

If you have one, please share all the things you use it for. I would love to hear all about it!

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