It’s 2018 And I’m Still A Confused Mom

So as we all rang in the New Year, (me from my bed at 10pm) we reflect on the past and have hopes and dreams for the year ahead.  This post my come off judgy, that is not my intention because I know every most moms try their best to do the right thing for her children.  That being said, there seemed to be a trend across social media that I just shook my head at.  I don’t understand it and it would never work in my household.

santa-claus-3026792__340Did you know there are moms out there that do NOT lie to their children?  Say what?  I am in shock over this still!  I saw over and over how badly moms felt lying to their children about Santa.  At first I thought it had to be a joke!  You feel bad about lying about Santa?  Which also includes Mrs. Clause, Rudolf, the other 8 reindeer, and that damn Elf.  Seriously?

I remember when I found out about Santa.  I remember where I was and who ruined it (don’t worry I’ll keep that our little secret).  Did it destroy my life, drive me into a complete depression at 8?  Uuummmm nope, no it did not.

The only way I can survive motherhood everyday is by lies and trickery.

For example, I bring the boys to Target.  They think we will all get kicked out of the store if they are both not in a carriage.  That’s right, security is going to come over and tell us to leave.  I do reassure my littlest that we will not be put in jail, this seems to be a big concern for him.


“Yes boys, ssshhhhh, that boy and his mom might get kicked out because he is walking beside his mother in the store and not in the carriage.”  LIE!  Yup, but is it hurting anyone? No!  It is actually saving my beloved Target store from the destructive monsters my boys can be.

Next lie… Sorry boys there are no cartoons on right now.  Why?  Because I just can’t!  I don’t tell them that, I say, because it’s too early, or it isn’t lunch time yet or whatever else I can think of to have a moments peace from kid shows.

There are so many things I lie to them about on a daily basis, I can’t even remember them all.

So as a mom I understand how you are trying to “do the right thing.”  I just wouldn’t be able to get through any given day.  I would love to know your secret if you are a mom who doesn’t ever lie to your little ones!  No Santa!?!?!?!?  I completely understand and agree with the idea of teaching & having them understand the true meaning of Christmas, but jeez, has anyone ever really been hurt by believing in Santa?  He is a part of the magic!  I would never understand a Christmas without the spirit of Santa Clause too.

I guess I’m still a bad mom because I lie to my children and will continue to do so until they know better!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this! Please comment below.


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