New Years Resolutions

I have never been one to make any New Years resolutions.  To me, it just seemed like a waste of time and energy to only fall back into the same old routine and bad habits.  This year however, is different in MANY ways!

I have a resolution!  I will be more organized! I will also get rid of a ton of distractions/clutter from my life.  I have never been one to be a pack rat, but my husband on the other hand… I realize I need less to be able to do more.

paper-3042645__340I feel all of the mess and clutter is distracting me from getting important things done.  That has to change, because I have BIG GOALS for this year too!

I have never had to set goals for myself. Every year in the past, working for someone else, I would try to reach their goals, for their business, but they weren’t MY goals. I had always put my full time job and their goals, ahead of this blog, but 2018 that’s going to change!

I have always been grateful for everything that has come my way from Real Life Mama Drama, however that doesn’t mean I can’t want more.  More opportunities, more blogging friends, more crazy adventures.  I want an AMAZING 2018 and I’m going to work my butt off to get it!  I hope you will follow all of the adventures!

2018 Will Be A Time For:

~Celebrating Every Win, Big & Small.
~A Time To Create & To Plan For Big Things.
~A Time To Push Through Fears & Follow Your Passion.
~A Time To Set Goals & Smash Them.
~2018~ A Time To Be Our Best Year.


      1. #1 goal – embrace being a blogger as a real thing not a side project or little hobby. Work toward maybe actually making some money writing and work on a book based on my first (and retired) blog about my IVF experience. Big bloggy goals! 😁

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