Holiday Gift Guide For Clueless Men

My husband isn’t the most romantic type.  He actually could use a lesson in romance.  Sometimes he will surprise me with an amazing gift for Christmas, other times he falls a little short.  It’s all about the thought right, well that is how this post is going to help you figure our what she really wants.

Here are my top 4 gifts on my wishlist!

A Beautiful Timepiece

ArmitronI have already declared my love for the brand Armitron.  They design and make gorgeous watches for women and men.  Santa sent a Christmas present to me a little early this year, and I couldn’t love it anymore than I do!  This beautiful rose gold feminine watch.  They offer many styles.  Sporty, casual, and dressy.  Something for everyone!  Go check out their website, buy her something that will leave her breathless.  Shop here: Armitron Watches  Armitron is so generous and giving my readers a discount code :

11/23 (8pm)-11/24 (11:59pm): 25% off and FREE Ground Shipping (Code: FRIDAY)

11/25 (12am)- 11/26 (11:59pm): 15% off and FREE Ground Shipping (Code: WKND)

11/27 (12am)- 11/28 (11:59pm): 30% off and FREE 2-Day Shipping (Code: CYBERSALE)

Annnnnnddddd they are hosting a giveaway with me and Real Life Mama Drama!  Be on the lookout for this giveaway on the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway posts!

Portrait Of Your Children

Another gift that would make your significant other and mother happy (I would NEVER recommend buying your significant other and mother the same gift, this is the ONE AND ONLY exception).  A portrait of your children.  Surprise her.  Make the appointment, pick out some adorable outfits and get their pictures taken.  A gift that will last forever and will have sentimental meaning forever.

A Day Of Relaxation


A day of pampering can do wonders.  A day where someone is taking care of her.  Relieving stress and some peace & quiet can make her feel like a whole new woman.  Usually women put everyone else’s needs before their own.  However what would you do if she just wasn’t able to do that anymore.   Giving her a gift to relax and regroup goes a very long way.

Coupons From The Cuties

Another really cute idea is to make a coupon book.  You and the kids can come up with the fun, and helpful coupons she can use throughout the year.  It is easy and free and you will probably get a kick out of doing this with your kids.  Who knows what kind of ideas they could come up with.

This coupon entitles you to_

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