Introducing the Bible Can Be Fun

I have received these books from Worthy Kids/Ideals Publishing, in exchange for my honest review. As always my opinions are MY OWN.

Now that I am a mom, I feel that I should introduce my boys and have them be a part of learning about religion and understanding faith.  This is a personal choice and I am only providing my opinions on these books and NOT any religion.

img_6196The first book I read to them from this collection was What’s The Bible All About? A perfect choice for starting the conversation.  It answered a few of the questions Travis had already been asking.  It speaks about what God has created and explains the differences in the New Testament, Old Testament and the Hebrew Bible.

The other book I read to them was the The Children Of The World Storybook Bible. Some of the stories inside were great for my boys.  Others were geared more for ages 5-10.  A really cool feature of this book is that all of the illustrations are done by children from all over the world.  I loved seeing their interpretations through their pictures.



The two other books I didn’t read with my boys (only because they are too young for these).  However I thought they were really cute (and funny) for older children.  The titles are:

Wild and Wacky Things In The Bible

This book investigates the strange happenings that we read about in the bible.  There img_6199are many pages that have “Did you know?” and it goes into telling a really fun, strange, or bizarre fact, that you may have never heard of before.  It sheds some light on some of the what seem to be impossible events that are documented in the bible.  It contains many examples from the bible, but put in fun, short, little snip its.img_6200.jpg

That’s So Weird

You might find yourself even giggling a little while reading this book.  An example of the fun facts you’ll find in this book are:  Four of Jesus’s twelve disciples made a living as fisherman.  Peter went back to fishing after Jesus died, and at least once, he fished without wearing clothes. (Thank you That’s So Weird, page 61)



These are some fun, cute, and full of facts from the bible, books for youngsters.  I am by no way, shape, or form trying to preach religion to you.  This is a very personal choice and everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.

If you would like to purchase these books, they can be found here at —




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