My Newest Obsession

As you might have noticed I am trying to do this “My Newest Obsession” segment on the blog every month or so.  I just love to share something new that I have found and makes me wonder where it has been all my life.

You are really going to want to listen all about this brand.

I’ll tell you why at the end of this post.

When I visited Blogger Bash this past summer the Armitron brand made such an impact on me.  A company which has been around since 1956.  Barbra is the daughter of the founder Eugen Gluck, she was front and center at Blogger Bash representing Armitron.  She was very inspiring, and amazingly generous.  Since meeting her and getting to know more about Armitron, I have really fallen in love.

I admire the fact that Armitron does not use models to market their watches.  They use real every day people, like you and me.  They really understand and appreciate everyone’s individuality, style, and ambitions.  They feel real people, are the face of their brand.  AWESOME!

I will forgive them for this, being a Red Sox fan… Armitron is the Official Sponsor of the New York Yankees.

They have both men’s and women’s styles.  Fun, modern, classic, active, definitely something for everyone.

Here are a few of my favorites!


Dear Santa, if I make it to the nice list this year, I would love any one of these beauties!

As I stated at the beginning of this post, there is a little secret you are going to get let in on.  In November, when I roll out my “For Clueless Men – Holiday Gift Giving Guide”, Armitron has been generous enough to partner with me in hosting a giveaway!!!!!!  Yes that’s right, one of my readers (could be you) will have a shot at winning any watch they desire from Armitron!                           You’re welcome 😉

So stay tuned for more good stuff coming your way!




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