Dirty Laundry


The only thing I can think of that is worse than doing laundry at home is doing it at a laundry mat.  It has been many years since I have had to go to the laundry mat to clean my clothes (thankfully) but I swear every weirdo there is, you’ll see at a laundry mat.

Laundry seems to be the gift that just keeps giving in our house.

With five of us, four of which being boys, there always seems to be a mountain of dirty clothes.  I especially despise the folding and putting away part.  Other than having a maid, I would have thought some kind of invention would have been created for this by now.  Please appliance brands hear my cries!  I’m also considering a way to own two washers and two dryers.  At least I could get that part done quicker and more efficient.

My “Helpers!”

As if folding all of the clothes the first time wasn’t torture enough, my “little helpers” make me do it two and sometimes three times. They seem to love anything that has to do with the laundry. 

And where do all the socks go?

 This is a serious, real life problem!  I’ve heard the washer eats them, but I check that rubbery flap gap all the time. I heard the dryer eats them. I’m not sure who/what is eating them but you sure are getting on my very last nerve! #Ijustbuynewsocks #Ain’tgotnotimeforthat


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