I was provided tickets to Hascon for myself and family in return for a honest review.  My thoughts and opinions are MY OWN as usual.


The toy maker Hasbro had their first ever convention (September 8-10, 2017), showing off so many of their toy brands.  The convention was held in Providence, RI directly across from the Hasbro headquarters, in the RI Convention Center and Dunkin Donuts Center.

I learned that there were many different reasons why people were excited for this event.

Some people were very excited at the possibility of getting their hands on an exclusive collectible. There were many Star Wars fans, as well as Transformers, GI Joe, and Marvel.  I’ve never had a collection of anything, but I soon realized this was some serious business!  It seemed these collectors were very serious about getting their hands on an exclusive item, which many were for sale.

They offered many special events that fans of Dungeons & Dragons, and Magic – The Gathering fans loved.
There were also a ton of My Little Pony fans. Dressed in bright, super colorful outfits from head to toe.  Hascon held a special event called the Mane Event (tickets were $200) which featured Meghan McCarthy, MLP head story teller.  She discussed new 2018 My Little Pony’s toys, also spoke about the upcoming My Little Pony movie.

Hascon offered concerts to their ticket holders (at no extra cost). Artists, Flo Rida and Daya performed. Families were also able to see a performance of a few favorite Sesame Street favorites.  Meet and greets with Elmo and Cookie Monster.

If Disney is more your thing, you wouldn’t have been disappointed.  They were featuring cool displays of The Decedents 2, Moana, Frozen, all of the Disney Princesses, and Beauty and the Beast.


I will say I have not been to a convention like this before.  There have been other “con” events and I have never been.  That being said, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I have been to blogger conventions, where you get to meet the faces of brands.  My personal opinion (and I totally expect to get crap for it), I would have rather received Hasbro swag.

Rather than the concerts, and seeing celebrities from afar (unless you paid extra for the VIP access $600 for each adult and $200 ages 3-15).  I would have loved to have had that money spent on my boys walking away with a couple of their favorite Hasbro toys.  We love so many of  Hasbro’s brand toys, it would have made their day to get a little something to play with and take home.  Hasbro, a company that makes toys was catering much more to the adults, than the kids.  The kids who say “I want that toy” at every commercial they see.

A common complaint which I heard a lot from people when I mentioned I was going, was the price of tickets.  It was expensive to be able to bring a family to this event.

One adult ticket $60 single day

One adult ticket $165 for all three days

One child (ages 3-15) $30 single day

One child $75 for all three days

Children ages two and under were free.

I would think, connecting with the families that love and buy your products would have been made a little easier for them to be able to attend.  Maybe Hascon 2 will consider that.

Given the fact it was their very first event, it seemed to be run really well.  It didn’t appear to be any major issues regarding guest relations or events that were being run.  It seemed to be really busy, so I’m assuming many people were able to pay the cost of the tickets.  All in all we enjoyed the event, and I am really looking forward to Hasbro’s 2018 lineup of new toys!

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