Pay Attention To Your Children

I’ve gotten the judgy eyes. I’ve heard the comments people make under their breath, pointed in my direction.  They think I should be paying more attention to my boys. Whether it be at the playground, zoo, children’s museum or our own home, here are the reasons I pay attention to my phone AND my children.

Independent Learning-

Children need to explore, play, and learn to problem solve, independently.  Figuring IMG_2224things out on their own gives them self confidence and gives them the ability to learn new things.  While I’m always there to assist them if they need help, I’m not there holding their hand while they go down the slide for the hundredth time.


Life Skills-

Imagination, interaction, and making friends is such an important part of thriving as a young child.  Negotiation, respect, and being mindful of someone else’s feelings but your own, are all skills learned by doing.  While I’m doing my best to teach and lead by example in these areas, kids need to learn from other kids as well.  I can’t constantly be jumping in as a referee or the boss of who’s turn is it.  They need to figure these things out for themselves and from the help of their peers.  It is mutually beneficial for all of the children playing.

Memories In The Making- I take a TON of pictures of my boys.  Playing, eating, sleeping, making messes.  My camera roll is at over 5000 images right now and that is only for the last year and a half.  So while I’m on my phone, I could be taking a great candid shot of my boys or editing the hundreds of photos that are print or social media worthy.  Editing takes time and requires me to be on my phone.  I might be one of the few that not only digitally stores memories, but still prints them after spending time cropping and making them look great, then storing them in an old fashioned picture album.

My iPhone Is My Lifeline-

It is very possible that I am actually working on my phone while the judgmental stares are coming my way.  What does this mean?  I am working while being able to be home (or the playground) with my children.  I am earning an income, working while my children are playing at the playground or exploring at the zoo.  My cell phone provides me the flexibility to have the best of both worlds.  I’m with them, just about every minute of every day.  I am connected to them, luckily, all while I’m on my cell phone sometimes.cropped-cropped-rlmd-socialmediabanner1.jpg


Everyone has their own parenting styles that work for them (or still trying to figure it out).  This post is not to knock any way that is different from mine.  I know full well this parenting thing is hard.  While we have our good days we also have our, not so good days.  So let’s all try to be a little less judgmental, and be more supportive, because we really don’t know everyone’s story.  judgement-free-zone


  1. Oh man, I needed this post! I always feel so guilty when I’m on my phone checking email or networking or writing. But you’re right! Kids need to figure things out on their own and learn how to think for themselves. It’s a taught skill! Thanks!

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