Kudo Banz

Kudo Banz sent me a starter kit to try in return for an honest review.  My opinions are always my own.


Think of the days when stickers or stamps on your hand motivated you.  Being a good listener, being nice, sharing, and potty training are a few of the ways I have motivated the boys with our Kudo Banz.  Potty training has been awesome for Christopher while using these!

Kudo Banz were designed and made by a mom!  

Kudo Banz are wrist bands that can hold special charms which you give your child as positive reinforcement.

You can download the Kudo Banz app and get all kinds of tips and tricks on using the Kudo charms in positive, creative ways.  You can also scan, with your phone, certain charms which will make them appear magical.  My boys are always amazed when I show them this!

I would recommend—

kudobBuying the Banz Collection. For $12.95 you will get 6 different colored banz.  This is good if you are anything like me, and are not always organized and never knows where everything is.

The starter kit, for $29.95 to get all you need for 2 children.kudo3








There are all types of charms that will appeal to all children.  They have Sports, Kitty, Dinosaurs, Princesses, Pirates, Superheros, Safari, and Pandas.


You can find out more information from their website: https://www.kudobanz.com/

If you decide to try Kudo Banz I would love to here your story!  Right now they are offering free shipping using code SCHOOL17.

You can also follow them at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kudobanz

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kudobanz/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kudobanz

Kudo Banz has received some amazing awards as well!




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