Never Say Never

My entire life I swore I was never going to have children. At age 36 that all changed. Never say never.

Before children I didn’t understand why people drove “mom vans”, they seemed big and ugly, plus screamed, soccer/PTA mom, all of which, seemed like a fate worse than death to me.  This was a vehicle that I swore I would never drive. Today I drive a Nissan Quest. Isn’t she a beauty?  I also can’t imagine not having a mom van now (unless I could have a sporty little convertible just for myself).  The space and comfort, it’s so convenient.

Never say never.

I had a couple serious boyfriends through my 20’s but I knew in my heart not one of them was a lifelong partner nor a person I would have ever wanted to have children with.  People would occasionally ask, “when are you getting married?”  I always had the same response, “May! May the day never come!”  Again, never say never.

Being younger and not yet having my own children, I remember seeing the craziest toddler tantrum I had ever witnessed.  Full blown screaming, crying, hitting, kicking, and all because his mom wouldn’t buy him whatever trinket he had to have.  I said, if I ever had kids they would never act like that… Yeah right!

We are so naive before we give birth to our own little monsters.  Now anytime I see a mom going through that, I will make it a point to tell them, I understand, and they are doing great, even if you don’t feel like it.

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