Girls Trip To Disney Springs 

I just returned from a girls trip to Florida.  We stayed about 30 minutes from Tampa. There were eight of us, two of which had never visited Florida before.

It was my suggestion that we check out Disney Springs.  I’ll admit, any Disney Park would have been awesome for me. Since we are all well above the drinking age (and all of our kids were home with their fathers), I thought they would enjoy Disney Springs the most.

Here are 8 reasons why Disney Springs is a great girls getaway…

1) We felt very safe and secure.  We were not constantly looking over our shoulders or feeling worried about our surroundings. I’ve been out at some places and felt like I needed to hold my pocketbook with a death grip, but not at Disney Springs.

2) It is free to park and you can just walk around taking in the sights and sounds and have a totally free night (if you can resist the shopping).

3) If you’re looking for shopping and a great place to load up on Disney swag you’ve found your place.  You can find everything you need to bring home to the kiddos. 

4) Live music can be found throughout Disney Springs. We stopped a bunch of times at a few different places because the music drew us in. They had some great talent all throughout the park. Check out what I captured here:

5) Dinner and drinks. There is something to please everyone. From food trucks to fine dining and everything in between, you are sure to find something everyone will like. We chose Rainforest Cafe. Such a unique, fun atmosphere with great food at reasonable prices. Oh and the drinks are enormous and delicious!

6) Sounds weird, but the smells. If you have ever walked around through Disney’s Magic Kingdom you know the amazing smells I’m talking about.  The fresh baked cookies caramel, chocolate, all of the sweet things you can imagine.

7) Fun for the kid at heart mixed with adult fun. You can sip on your favorite adult beverage and catch a song being performed from your favorite Disney movie.

8) Amazing photo opportunities.  There are so many beautiful areas within Disney Springs you are bound to get a frame worthy photo.   We were lucky enough to catch a rainbow after the afternoon storm passed. There are selfie and group photo spots everywhere.

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