Hershey 7 AMAZING Facts About Milton

As you probably already know, the boys and I visited Hershey Park and Lodge about 6 weeks ago.  It was our first time travelling there.  Since that time, I’ve not been able to get Mr. Milton S. Hershey out of my mind.

I want to share with you the 7 most amazing facts I found out about Milton S. Hershey on this trip.


Before having the amazing success with his Hershey brand he had actually went bankrupt, twice.  However this did not stop him from pursuing his dream and eventually becoming one of the most successful men in the United States.


He lived extremely modestly for the amount of wealth he had.  The locals in Hershey also state, while alive, he would never had named the entire town after himself.  He was very humble.


He married the one and only love of his life, Catherine.  Never re-marrying after her death at only 43 years old.  She battled a debilitating muscular disease, which eventually took her life.FullSizeRender (5)


Milton and Catherine were never able to have their own children.  This was the motivation for the amazing, Hershey Industrial School for Orphan Boys, to be MiltonHersheySchoolestablished.  All funded with Mr. & Mrs. Hershey’s money.  This school was later bequeathed a large sum of money (from the Hershey’s), and is still funded just by the interest it makes from the bank and good (honest, smart) financial officers/board members.  While I was listening on the tour, I became jealous I didn’t attend this school.  It is simply amazing what is offered to the students of the Milton Hershey School students.  Students who otherwise may not receive an education.  Milton’s greatest accomplishment, and what an outstanding academy it is!

Milton was extremely generous (if you didn’t already get that) to his friends, and people who worked for him.  He built and paid for, many people’s homes.  Gorgeous homes, which you can still go by today.  He felt community should feel like family and so he treated them as such.


During WWII Milton Hershey contributed to the troops fighting the war.  He helped soldiers by providing bars, called Ration D Bars.  The bars helped soldiers when they needed food/nutrients in the midst of war.  However these were not the Hershey Bars we all know and love today.  According to the man giving our tour, they were not allowed to taste any better than a raw potato.  Therefore ensuring they would be eaten when needed and not devoured just because they were so delicious.        *reference credit – https://www.biography.com/people/milton-hershey-9337133#!


Milton Had plans on travelling on the Titanic’s maiden voyage.  Put a deposit down on his room, but then decided to change his plans.  Fate, thankfully.


These are just some of the facts that I was able to write down while taking the historical tour through the town of Hershey.  I highly recommend if you go to Hershey you purchase a ticket for this tour, through Hershey’s Chocolate World.  I was (and still am) completely blown away by what an amazing, smart, generous, caring, and selfless man Milton Hershey was.  I personally believe he is a huge part of American history, and should have learned more about him in school.  This tour is something I will do every time I visit in the future.  Plus they give Hershey Kisses on the tour, bonus!


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