Work Place Grievance

While doing my new job today, I was told I was doing everything wrong.  I mean everything!

I was also told by him how much he didn’t like me. Jeez that hurt my feelings!  Then it got even worse. I was slapped on my butt, and spit on.  What topped it off was when he asked me to “smell his stinky feet!”

This all happened before lunchtime.  Five hours of torture.  If this was your new job, would you tell your new boss to go to hell (or worse)?  For a few of these actions I could actually sue him!  

Well my new boss will be turning 4 next week and he is proving my most difficult yet!  Standing at 40″ tall, 38lbs, blonde hair and blue eyes, my first born, is surely putting my sanity (and patience) to the test. 

After fighting with this little dictator, I was finally able to get him to take a nap.  After about an hour and a half of rest he wakes up, comes and sits beside me on the couch and says “I love staying home with you mommy.”

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