How’s Mama ~ Amazing Giveaway

I am collaborating with two amazing ladies.  Each of us would love to bring more awareness to postpartum depression.  Each with a different angle of shining a light on the subject, but all equally amazing.

As you may have caught on my “about me” or previous blog posts, I suffered greatly with PPD.  Just being the type of person that I am, I shouted it from the rooftops.  I wasn’t ashamed to admit something was wrong with me after having my precious first born (precious first born would NOT have been the words I would have described him at that time).  PPD depression stole what was supossed to be one the most amazing times in my life.  Not only did I suffer, but my entire family suffered too.  As new parents (even if it is your 6th child), having a newborn at home can be extremely stressful, difficult, and as weird as it sounds, lonely.  This is where these ladies want to help, and make a difference.

Shana has launched a business called Reiko Palmer Inc.  


Shana DiCamillo is CEO of Reiko Palmer, Inc., which sells gifts to new parents online at   She is a classically trained singer, fundraising professional, mom to an energetic little boy, and lover of strong beer.

Reiko Palmer is the brainchild of two parents who want to support new moms and dads everywhere. Having experienced the excitement, fear, love, and loneliness of parenthood, we know firsthand how easy it can be to lose oneself in the chaos of it all.

Reiko Palmer gift products are designed to pamper the new parent, and give him or her something special to meet their own individual needs during a time when the majority of the focus is on the newest addition to the family. Our products are chosen to treat the new mom or dad with a little something special. There are times during the newborn stage when a fragrant bottle of lotion or a delicious cup of coffee are indulgences that can help parents cope with the stress and anxiety of having a little one to care for. It’s an important time for both parents to take care of themselves, and each other. We work diligently to source high quality gourmet products from unique, independent vendors for our gifts boxes.

You can find out more about Shana on her social media sites:




Here’s the best part…ppd


I have also met (on the internet) Lauren.  Lauren has started a campaign called



#HowsMama Gear

#HowsMama is a super quick, easy way, to spread some love to all of the new Mama’s out there.  Many times, Mamas might be suffering in silence.  Just a quick little question (How are you doing Mama?) can sometimes make someone feel like they are not so alone.  Many times new mamas are in their glory, but 1 in 5 women are suffering with PPD.  


You can find Lauren on:






I of course, am taking part in her campaign! IMG_2749


Now here is the best part… We are doing an AMAZING giveaway to one lucky Mama.  You can enter to win this great prize for yourself OR we would love to see people nominate other new moms that could really use a little pick me up!  So to enter for yourself or have a friend or family member have a beautiful gift sent, here is what you need to do…mama

  1. Follow all of us on our Facebook & Instagram (links above)
  2. Tag a friend – Someone who might want to nominate someone they know
  3. Submit through a direct message either on this blog or on any one of ours social media channels, the name and short reason why they should win this amazing gift pack.

That’s it, super simple!

A winner will be picked July 1, 2017, the recipient will receive a message directly from Shana.  Shana will get all of the information needed to send the basket directly to the winner!  Wishing you and anyone you nominate good luck!

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