The News You’ve All Been Waiting For…

As I sit here in my office (Starbucks).  It has been declared okay for me to share, the big news from one of my other posts.  I’m sure you all have been sitting on the edges of your seats, just waiting impatiently, lol.

Well I am officially leaving my full time position as an office manager for an orthodontist’s office, after 8 1/2 years.  This was actually an option I had, and I took it.  Why?  Why would I leave the job that I don’t mind going to, LOVE the girls I work with, Know every in and out of the profession, and the doctor’s I work for, are not a-holes?

12 RecipesOf Christmas
Best Team Around

 Life has a funny way of changing things up for you!  I will be spending a lot more time with my boys.  It is not only hard to balance kids, and work, but the financial piece also plays a huge role.  Children are only little for a short time.  I’m having guilt for not being there but when I’m there, they are experts at making me crazy!  However I am hoping to make this work until they at least get into school full time or if an amazing opportunity comes my way.  Until then, my focus will be my family and this blog!


If I’m being honest, I am a little worried I might end up in a straightjacket in a facility with padded walls.  It will be my two amazingly cute, funny, chaos makers, that put me there.  My husband is worried for the same outcome.

So here are a few of the essentials I will need to help me stay sane:

11951122_10206559812307529_6017765892192760228_nNice weather!  We need to be outside playing.  Swimming, going to parks, and the beach.  Keeping the boys active while burning their full tanks of energy is a must!


Cheap tickets for things like, the movies, games, family events, road trips, and amusement parks.  I need to be busy, like, every day!

Maybe we can find some hotels nearby to go visit for a night or two, just to change up the scenery for them.

Our calendar needs to be full.  I’m looking for playdates (contact me if you want to get together), birthday parties, anything where I can also socialize with other people adults.  If I can stay sane and keep my tiny humans alive, I will feel as though I have hit the lottery!  Wish me luck, our family’s whole life is about to change!

#IGotThis #IThink #LordGiveMeStrength #FullTimeStayAtHomeMom

Please get in touch with me also if you think you have the perfect job opportunity, or just really want to help me make this blog succeed.  I have included the contact below for your convenience.


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