Summertime in Rhode Island With The Family

For me, summertime is the best part of the entire year. Living in RI, it seems our winters last forever and our springs are like living Mawsynram, Meghalaya, India.  Yeah I had never heard of this place either but I googled it and thanks to MSN I learned something new today!

Anyway, with all of the crappy weather we get most of the year, the few months of summer become jam packed with fun things to do!  Which I’m thankful for because I think my boys would go crazy if we weren’t able to get outside and burn some energy. 

If you ever plan on visiting Rhode Island in the summer you will never experience a lack of fun things to do. 

Here are my top 10 things to do while here:

Providence Water Fire– A great lively place to stroll and see the beauty is Waterplace Park. This event was actually named one of the worlds top 5 things you must see/do.  It is a beautiful, peaceful, and amazing addition to highlight Providence’s Renaissance.  Best part it is free. However you will probably have to pay for parking. There are many vendors around too that sell food and cocktails. 

Newport Jazz Festival– Tickets are highly sought after. The lineup is impressive year after year. This event has been entertaining audiences since 1954. It’s held at Fort Adams State Park. Loved by anyone who loves live music with that festival feel. 

Newport– While in Newport you can stroll the famous Thames Street. Lined with shops, boutiques, restaurants, and bars, a wonderful place to spend the day and night. You’ll always be able to find live music and might see a yacht or two.  Newport has also been a host city for many America’s Cup races. 

Newport’s famous Bellevue Avenue is home to some of the most amazing, stunning, and oldest mansions in the United States. Best part is, you can take guided tours through many of these amazing structures.  You will be amazed and maybe leaving wanting to win the lottery because the wealth is breathtaking!  Speaking of mansions, take a quick ride to Westerly and you can take a sneak peek (from afar) at Taylor Swifts humble abode. 

** Wikipedia **

Block Island– This little island located just off the coast of the “mainland”, is a beach vacationers dream. There are many secluded beaches and “party” beaches to choose from. Many restaurants, bars, and gift shops.  You can spend just the day or take your entire vacation here on this tiny island. You can rent mopeds, bicycles, and vehicles to get around the island. If you’re lucky enough to find a local, ask them the best places to check out. 

For the months of July and August you can find many farmer’s markets, fairs, outdoor concerts, PawSox baseball games, and festivals. 

The beaches here are gorgeous!  Warning,  the water is always a little cold, or “refreshing” as we like to call it.  I’ve lived here my whole life and have no idea how many beaches we have, but there are a ton to check out.  

Other fun places for families to visit, open all year around, Roger Williams Park and Zoo. Tip: if you are visiting in the warmer months, bring extra clothes and towels for the kids because they have a fun little water area that your kids will love, but get really wet. Providence Children’s Museum. A great places for kids to explore and play.  Rustic Drive-In. There are not many  Drive-in movie theaters anymore, but RI has a great one in North Smithfield. 

Waterslides: Yawgoo Valley, Water Wizz of Westerly. 

No matter what you decide to do while you are here, I’ll bet you’ll love it and can’t wait to get back!

If you are interested or have questions about visiting Rhode Island, please get in touch and I’ll help you with your planning and questions!

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