Newest Obsessions

As you may have already figured out, every now and then I love to post about new things I have bought, tried, reviewed, and/or subscribed to…  My newest obsessions as I call them.

Here are my 3 latest:

LipSense– A friend of mine became a distributor a while ago and I kept seeing all of her posts about LipSense.  I also couldn’t help but to notice all of the people that were saying they just couldn’t get enough of it.  I’m not much of a lipstick person, but lip gloss I can’t live without.  She reached out to me to see if I wanted to try some products and in return, do an honest review of the products.  So because of my curiosity and the love of a good lip gloss I had to say yes.


So I tried the Orchid Gloss and Pink Champagne (color, not just a gloss) kits.  Applying is different from regular lipstick/gloss, however very simple.  Then I waited, waited, and waited…  It didn’t wear off, or stick to the side of the glass I was drinking from.  It didn’t smear onto my teeth and I did not need to reapply for the entire day.  It stayed for about 10+ hours.  Now that has never happened with any other gloss or lipstick I have ever used.  I wasn’t sure if I believed the claims of it staying on even after eating, drinking, kissing, and talking all day were true, but honestly 100% it stays on!  It’s pretty awesome!  LipSense does recommend that you no longer use traditional chapstick, believe it or not, they really are not helping your lips heal.  However the ingredients in LipSense truly make your lips healthier and smoother after about 1-2 weeks of use.  I noticed a huge difference in how my lips felt, finally they weren’t chapped!

They also are very conscientious about what they do not put into their products.  They are *lead free, *wax free, *Gluten free, *GMO free, no animal by-products, and NO animal testing.  Truly a great product and brand!  You can check out my friends Facebook page at:

Or Find her on Instagram at:



You may have been one of those lucky people targeted on a Facebook ad to check out ShadyRays.  Sunglasses that are stylish and not expensive.  People that know me well, know I am kind of a snob when it comes to sunglasses.  I usually (not always) won’t spend a lot of money on shoes or bags, but I will on sunglasses.  After I saw the ad I had to go check out ShadyRays website.  I found a few pairs that were totally my style, and I loved the variety in colors.  ShadyRays was awesome enough to send me a pair to try and see if I liked them.  When I first opened them, I thought that they looked even better in person than online. shadyraysI loved the blue/green lenses.  They fit perfect and have not stretched out one bit so far.  I hate when the arms of my glasses get worn out and do not stay on my face where they are supposed to.  This particular pair isn’t an extremely dark lens, so it keeps your surroundings still crisp and bright.  I love the way they look on me and how comfortable they are.  They are also polarized which I love!  The price point is AMAZING and for the quality you really can’t beat them!  I have two more pairs on my wishlist.


A seriously Ahh-mazing pair of flip flops!  They are “Offensively Comfortable” and stylish!  I bought this pair – ahhsoles

They are reasonably priced, and they offer a few different styles.  I brought this pair with me when we went to Hershey Park.  I knew we would be doing a ton of walking and it was going to be very hot out.  Many times after wearing most flip flops, I have a really sharp pain in my right heal.  However the rippled soles of these felt amazing on my feet.  I never had any pain.  They are now my go to pair of summer flip flops!  I plan on ordering this pair next. ahhsole1 They are so fun, stylish, and well they say AhhSoles.  Offensive and right up my alley!

And because AhhSoles is so freaking awesome, they are offering a discount code for to my readers.  You can use code: MamaDrama and save 15% from now until Father’s Day!

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