Road Trip!

I am preparing for this week’s road trip.  Just me and the two boys.  In case you haven’t heard we are going to Hershey Park!!!  We will be visiting to do a review on the resort and park, and I am beyond excited.  However, travelling 5 1/2 hours with a 2 and 3 year old things could get ugly.  I will be sharing our must haves to make this road trip as smooth as possible.

Long gone, are the days of packing your favorite pillow, blanket, and a Walkman for long road trips.  Back in the day, as a kid, you were able to just cuddle up in the backseat, no seat belt and sleep almost the entire way (if your parents were that lucky).  This is certainly not the case anymore.

I think because I am doing this drive by myself I am overcompensating, however better to be safe than sorry.

So here is a list of all of our must haves for the car ride:

Movies— Since my mom mobile (Nissan Quest) is equipped with a DVD player, it is a necessity to pack a variety of the boys favorite movies, even if these movies drive me bat shit crazy.  This keeps their attention on the movie rather than how long the car ride is, limiting the “Are we there yets?”  I will listen to Caillou, Daniel The Tiger, Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, and other of their choices as long as it helps with my sanity.  Some other movies I plan on bringing with us are Moana, Zootopia, Cars (Cars 3 is coming out soon), and Finding Nemo/Finding Dory.  Disney movies are always great to listen to while driving, I really do not mind those one bit.  I am a member to the Disney Movie Club, so we get amazing new Disney titles every month.

Snacks— They can’t whine if their mouths are full.  Just kidding, kind of…  I usually FullSizeRender (2)pack a bunch of snacks that I don’t often buy but they love.  This way at a moments notice of a meltdown, I can distract them with a fun, yummy, snacks.  Luckybar had originally given us some to sample, to see if we liked them.  Like them?  We love them, they are delicious and super good for you.  So because we can only get them from ordering online right now, these are a special snack for the boys, which they love.  These are already packed, and hidden, so they don’t get eaten before we leave.

Potty— Imagine driving over (or under/in the middle) of the George Washington Bridge in New York city and your three year old tells you they NEED to go pee.  GTY_george_washington_bridge_ml_140305_16x9_992

A parent’s worst nightmare!  So I bring the “travel potty” as well as the full size potty.  I will not be taking any chances!  The full size potty has been in our bathroom for quite a while now, and the boys barely acknowledge it anymore.  They are used to it sitting there.  They will occasionally use it, but most often use the “big boy potty”.

Now this little gem… The Travel AID Portable Emergency Urinal (which I purchase on Amazon).  Well now this seems to be fascinating.  The boys haven’t stopped playing with it since it was deliver last week.  However, I have been trying my hardest to make the understand/believe

me, that this is NOT A NEW KIND OF SIPPY CUP.  Yup that’s right, they walk around holding and sipping from it has if it holds some deliciousness in it.  We NEED to get this straighten out before we leave!  As you can see this could be a little funky to use.  Seems tricky to not make a mess.  Yes I am aware this is wacko, however again, in case of an emergency this pretty lil elephant might just be my best friend.  Fingers crossed that 1- we don’t need to use it and 2- if we do, it doesn’t seem like a great beverage afterwards.  Just in case you have never seen one of these before, apparently they are girl friendly as well.  I will be sure to let you know how that turns out.

I think (hope) that these few things will make our road trip a success.  I can’t wait to share with all of you how this all works out.  I can almost gaurentee there will be a few really good blunders along the way.  You know I LOOOVE sharing those so stay tuned.

Even more exciting, I will be doing some Periscope & Facebook Live videos while I’m at Hershey Park.  I can not wait to share all of the amazing attractions they have.  We will be spending three full days there and I will be featuring all of it on my social media channels, and doing a blog post once we have returned.  So if you would like to follow along, follow me on my Instagram,  Twitter, and Facebook!



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