The Best Things In Life Are Free

I am going to make a broad statement here…  I think we can ALL agree raising boys is so different than raising girls.  Am I right?

Me being a “boy mom”, I can only reference this through my memory of myself as a child, seeing my sisters grow up, and friends that I have, with daughters.  This is enough intel to tell me I’m right about this one.

Most men I know don’t take time out to notice beautiful flowers that start growing in the spring.  They don’t see the sunrises or sunsets as entrancing as we might.  They do not usually pay as much attention to detail in these life events.  I however, I want to teach my boys the beauty that can be found in so many things.

At our home we have the most gorgeous sunsets.  Many tropical islands that I have visited can’t even compare.  The boys and I have stopped what we’re doing many times to go outside (or just look out the window) and really take in what a beautiful sunset we were being blessed with. sunset The boys usually will notice the sunset before me now.  They yell to me to hurry up so we can get a picture of it!  After we watch it and get our picture, the boys just stand there looking, and usually saying “oh how beautiful”.  Oh that just warms my heart.


I truly hope to instill in them, that there are beautiful, precious, and many things in life that should be appreciated and to be grateful for.  Boys will be boys  good humans is really what I am going for.

They are still very little (only 2 1/2 and almost 4), but as we all know kids only listen to you until about the age of 12.  By then, they have already figured everything out.  It’s never too early to try to teach them the important things in life!

Most of the best things in life are free!


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