Fruit Snacks For Breakfast + 5 More Reasons Why I’m Probably Not Winning That Best Mom Award Today

  •  The boys still had on their play clothes from yesterday when they woke up this morning.  I was too tired to fight the pajama meltdown last night. sleepy


  •  I ran out the door today at 7:15am, late, and didn’t pack their school lunches.  It’s pizza day at school today.  I figured my husband could throw a few snacks and a sippy cup in their lunchboxes.


  • I didn’t make them brush their teeth this morning, which means, they didn’t brush their teeth this morning.


  • Christopher and his damn binky.  I am the guilty one who still lets him have it.  He is 2  1/2 years old.  I can see it affecting his teeth, and making him difficult to understand sometimes.  He is just so attached, I hate taking it from him.


  • I’m thinking mac n cheese and chicken nuggets for dinner.  Or maybe pancakes? Yeah pancakes, that sound good!food-1247612_1280


Hope all you moms out there have a great weekend!



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