Easter Recap

If you have children then you know nothing will ever go as planned.  Our first Easter mishap was trying to take the boys to see the Easter Bunny.  I knew they would not be into it, but Travis (at the eleventh hour) said he wanted to go.  So we went.  We waited about 90 minutes in line.  When it was our turn to finally see him, Travis would only get within 50 feet of him.  Christopher on the other hand got pretty close, but then the bunny moved.  He freaked and froze with fear.  He was screaming but not moving an inch.  I think he thought it was a big stuffed animal until he moved.  Scared the absolute shit out of him.  Yes I’m an awful mom, I found it to be a bit funny, I probably would have found it even more hysterical if we didn’t wait the hour and a half.

So moving onto Easter day.  Our original plan was to have our family over for dinner, egg hunt, and dessert.  Plans started changing towards the end of the week.

First, the regulars that usually come for our Easter egg hunt, were not able to make it this year because of other plans.  Which I totally understand because trying to fit everyone & everything in on any holiday can be exhausting (especially with small children).

As Easter morning arrives my husband, the boys, and I that the Easter Bunny has made a visit to our house.  It wasn’t much later the boys were in a chocolate induced coma.

I received a text from a family member stating they would probably not make it later because of an unexpected, scary, medical emergency.   Well of course now I am just worried about them, can’t stop worrying about them.  Until…

Until Christopher & Travis decided they wanted to run around the house with the new umbrellas the Easter Bunny brought them.  Well it didn’t take long before Christopher had blood gushing from his head.  Like a lot of blood.  My husband wasn’t home.  I started freaking out, and so did Travis.  Travis is asking me 100 questions while I’m trying to stop the bleeding, and Christopher’s crying.  He and I both have blood all over us.  I brought him to the tub, I figured that might be a good place to bleed… I don’t know what I was thinking, clearly I wasn’t.  I call my husband tell him he needs to get home so I can take Christopher to the hospital for stitches.  It appeared as though he might need 2 or 3.

As I’m driving to the ER I’m wondering if getting the stitches would be more torture than getting some of that liquid skin glue and butterfly band aides.  I change my mind and decide to head home and get the things from the pharmacy to fix it at home.  With the help of my husband we were able to push it closed and get the “glue” on, and bandage it.  After that and with the help of some Motrin, he was off.  You would never know he had felt any pain.  Phewww!  Now I’m just praying he doesn’t end up with a scar. 0FA5E696-2E64-453B-B142-BC8727B65800 (2)

After all of that, it’s about 1pm, time for dinner.  My mother hasn’t shown up yet.  Probably within 10 minutes of me thinking this to myself, she calls.  She is crying and upset.  She tells me “I am going to be late.  I was in a car accident and someone just slammed into the side of my car!”  I first ask her if she is okay, she says yes, but needs to hang up because the police have arrived on scene.  I immediately left my house to go meet her.  She was still at the scene with the police and other car involved.  She still wanted to come, but was shaken.  I could tell over time her adrenaline must have been getting back to normal and the soreness was starting to set in.  She didn’t feel well enough to stay long, so I brought her back home.

We did have our Easter egg hunt after all of that, and 2 of the little cousins that I thought wouldn’t be able to make it, did.  So that was a pleasant surprise.  All of the kids had a great time with the egg hunt.

Finally about 7pm, everyone was gone, and we all were beyond tired.  Mentally and physically drained.

I always try to see my blessings and be grateful for what I have.  Which Easter did bring many great moments.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, might have even been a record breaker for a high temperature.  The boys were absolutely spoiled by their aunties, uncles, and grandparents.  The food and company was wonderful.  However, overall, not the best Easter to date.  To be honest I was pretty happy when the day was over.

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