A Mother’s Smile

A Mother’s Smile:


Will Sometimes-

Mask her pain and tears.  Deceive you into thinking she is confident and strong.  Make you believe everything is perfect.  Cover up her insecurities, flaws, internal struggles, and self doubt.  Convey disappointment.  Hide her worries that she is screwing everything up.  Disguise her fears of failing at this mom thing.  Touch your soul.  Ease fears.  Remind her husband why he loves her.  Be contagious.  

Will Always-

Makes her children feel loved.  Gleam with joy when she looks into her child’s eyes.  Shine bright with excitement of what the future holds for her children.  Look beautiful in the eyes of her babies.  Display her joy in memories.  Reflect her beauty.  Reveal her generous heart.  Speak to people without her even knowing.  Bring peace and joy to the hearts of her children.  Make her family feel safe.  Keep you guessing to what is really on her mind.  Display all of her wisdom gained throughout her years.  Be gorgeous to all of those who love her.

Should Never-

Be underestimated when going to bat for her children.  Mistaken for weakness.  Taken for granted.  Be unappreciated.  

Look at all of these gorgeous women!  What are they feeling, thinking, or hiding?

What struggles are they facing at this very moment, that we don’t know about?  Be kind, compassionate, and have empathy for what another person could be going through.

What do their smiles say to you?


  1. You are soooooo right! I think all to often people hide behind a smile when inside they feel very differently. If more people were honest about things maybe people wouldn’t see things as weakness but rather strength in their diversity and struggles that they pull through.

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