Family Road Trip Vacations

If I could have it my way I would vacation many times a year.  The anticipation of knowing you have some fun adventure on the horizon is always exciting.  Even my little ones get excited when they know we are “going to the hotel.”  Not all vacations need to be a week long (or more), even those little weekend getaways are wonderful for family bonding time.  There is something to be said for those memories you make while vacationing.

However, vacationing is expensive!  Especially when air travel is required.  We are a family of 5, so it can get expensive quick.  With summer approaching, I have a few ideas of road trip getaways that I will be planning for us.

Since we live in Rhode Island the road trips need to be within a certain driving distance.  I’m not sure of the exact time frame, however close enough to prevent any toddler meltdowns. New England summers are short, but jam packed with family friendly fun.

Here are just a few on my list (so far):

  1. One place that seems to bring us back year after year is the Red Jacket Inn – Mountain View Resort.  It is located in North Conway, New Hampshire (about a 3 1/2 hour ride for us).  Very close to attractions like: Santa’s Village, Story Land, Polar Caves, Mt. Washington, Monkey Trunks, and Clark’s Trading Post.  There are many, many more places to see while here, but I just named a few of my own personal favorite.

Red Jacket Inn, has this relaxing feel to it.  This doesn’t mean boring.  There are many planned activities for everyone to enjoy.  For example, they have horse drawn carriage rides, outdoor family movie nights, and build your own sundaes.  All you need to do is pick up a schedule at the front desk and decide what sounds like fun for you.  Or if you are like me, I love to lounge around their beautiful outdoor pool.  The view of the white mountains is breathtaking.  Red Jacket also has an indoor water park, Kahuna Laguna, which is awesome if you happen to catch a rainy day.

2. Boston MA (only takes about 90 minutes for us).  Boston is a city with amazing history and culture.  With tons of fun family activities.  You can catch a baseball game at Fenway, and see the Green Monsta (Go Red Sox).  Or a legendary Duck Boat Tour which will surely be loved.  These special land/sea boats have been ridden by the New England Patriots and Boston Bruins after winning their championships!  Also the Boston Museum Of Science or the New England Aquarium.  If you would like to learn about Boston’s history a great place to start would be The Freedom Trail and Black Heritage Trail.  Or maybe you prefer a little shopping.  You can visit one of the worlds most famous marketplace, Faneiul Hall.  I could really go on and on about this city and things to do, but most of all it’s history.  Such an amazing place to visit, with an endless amount of sites to see.


3.  A place we have not traveled to yet.  Hershey Park in Hershey Pennsylvania (about 5 1/2 hours away for us).  A chocolate lovers dream.  This park is home to Hershey Chocolate World, The Hershey Story, a museum showcasing the history of the infamous Milton S. Hershey, the amusement park, and ZooAmerica right across  from the park.  They also have summer concerts, shows and live entertainment, and while visiting, you can meet the Hershey characters.  There is definitely something (or many things) that everyone in the family will love.  I have wanted to visit Hershey for as long as I can remember.  If you have been following my blog, you know I love amusements parks, and especially roller coasters.  I also have a LOVE for chocolate like no other.  So this to me, is the best of the best when it comes to family trips.  The only thing that could make it better is if were on a beach, but other than that, perfection!



I will be sure to follow up with:

  • How to plan and survive a road trip with 3 children.
  • The posts about our visits.
  • Tips of visiting these places


  • Planning our visit to Walt Disney World for Halloween



  1. I used to live in New York, and we went to Hershey Park which was awesome. We aren’t close enough to drive there anymore, but I love road trips.

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  2. Oh my gosh, I totally bookmarked this. I don’t have kids but I do take road trips with some of my girlsfriends and we are headed to the Northeast next summer! 🙂


  3. I’m in NY we travel to CT often for some really great road trips! Mystic, Dinosaur stops and tons of museums. RI is next on our list! We need a great beach get away!


  4. Road trips are always amazing! I think it’s awesome to go on road trips with the kids. It’s a little challenging, but it’s really worth it and it’s going to be a memorable experience for everyone. I think these places are worth checking out.

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  5. We are planning a road trip to disney land this may! We are so excited, though a little afraid of five kids, a grumpy dad and a preggie mama on a 20 hour drive! LOL. I hope to make it to some of the places you visisted someday!

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  6. This is my neck of the woods and we LOVE North Conway. We stayed up there in March and had a blast. I am in Boston all the time- such an awesome city.

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