The House Is A Disaster

The dishes are stacked up.  Toys are everywhere!   Like landmines, just waiting to be tripped over.  Dirty clothes patiently waiting to be washed.  Clean clothes patiently waiting to be folded and put away.  Socks are never matched.

Dirty fingerprints on every reachable pane of glass and stainless steel appliance.  Pop Tart stuck to the floor.  The beds are in shambles.  Dirty dishes in the sink while clean dishes are removed from the dishwasher one by one as needed.

Any of this sound familiar?

There were many attempts & good intentions on getting things back in order.  Truly there were, because living in a cluttered mess is enough to make anyone crazy!

Time was spent doing other things, things that just couldn’t wait.

There was the early (really early) morning run to the bathroom to help wipe a bum.  After that, a “need” for a drink!  Ooops, must have been too early to realize that, that was “the wrong sippy cup.”  Blue and green kind of look the same when the sun hasn’t come up yet.

Finally laying back down to attempt to get just one more hour of sleep.  That probably would have been amazing, if someone didn’t start yelling “mommy” from their bedroom.  They need you to help get them “back in bed and all cozy.”

There were arguments that needed to be settled, toys returned to whoever really “had it first.”  There were talks about sharing, and not hurting anyone’s feelings.  There were explanations as to why it is important to be nice, and why hitting is not okay.  Why it is important to say your sorry when you have upset someone.

There were time outs needed, for still not sharing and hitting each other.  Story time seems to be a good activity when the focus needs to be shifted,  there were a few story times throughout the day…

Getting dressed from pajamas to outfits can be a momentous task some days.  The pants that don’t want to be worn, and the shirt which causes tears as it goes tightly over their head.  Socks don’t match (a battle I will not fight), and that one damn shoe…  Seriously, why is it a challenge to find 2 shoes that match?  Coats: “I can do it!”  You never realize if you are a patient person or not, until you are standing there just waiting for a toddler to put on their own coat (which by the way, I have zero).

Then there were the tantrums and my apologies.  I apologize for making soup for lunch, when I should have known they wanted mac n cheese.  I apologize for using the wrong bowl and giving you too many crackers.  I apologize for yelling.  The demands, my mistakes, and hearing “mom” for the 4,746,320th time has got me a little on edge.

I made the mistake of sneaking in a shower when their favorite show was on.  After about 11 minutes of being unsupervised, I see about 7 new messes.  Every single toy is taken out of both toy boxes (again).  The box of mac n cheese they wanted is now opened and spilled all over the kitchen floor.   The other bathroom has practically been flooded, with water and soap everywhere.  Toilet paper (now wet and falling apart) is covering everything.


Then there is the 5 minute cry break.  Moms cry break.  Five minutes to just let it all out, some times helps.

The moments of saving them from a boo-boo.  More explanations!  Why they can’t jump off of everything.  Why they can’t touch sharp objects.  Why they can’t keep playing with the electrical outlets.  Why playing with anything glass is not okay.  Why “helping” build a fire in the wood stove is not allowed.  Why toys are meant to be played with and not to hit people with.

Then there are the precious moments you don’t want to miss.  When they hug and laugh each other.  When they ask if you can please hold them or carry them.  When they sit beside you and unprompted hold your hand or give you a kiss.  The moments when they are enjoying each others company and playing so well together.  The moments you stop just to hear them, their voices, and what their imaginations are coming up with.  The moment when they want to read the book to you, even when they can not read yet.

That proud moment when they got their own coat on and zipped, “all by myself!”  The times they take a quick break and want to snuggle.  The moments they share a new song they have learned or to show you all of the colors that they know.

There are many moments throughout the day.  Many that are so very important and need your undivided attention.  As hard/stressful one moment can be, in the very next moment, your heart is melting.  For each of these moments I will never get back again. They are cherished!  And guess what?… The damn house can stay a disaster!



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