Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Just another rainy week here in Rhode Island.  For every one sunny day we have, we in turn get 4-5 rainy ones.  Which is why we hear the old saying so often, April showers brings May’s flowers.  Stupid saying.  I’m over it!  I want the sunshine and some warmth.  My boys NEED to get outside and burn off the crazy energy their little bodies have bottled up.

At this point I am all out of ammunition for keeping them entertained.  Every birthday and Christmas I take about 4-5 of their toys and hide them away for rainy days.  Well that stash is gone.

They could paint all day, every day, if I let them, but if I’m being honest, I have had it with cleaning mess after mess.

We watched movies: Sing– they loved it!  The Peanuts Movie- They are in love with Charlie Brown and the gang.  They have found love in a new cartoon, Mickey Mouse and The Road Racers.  New obsession, but there are only 11 episodes so far and well we have watched them all, about 10X.

We have played games, with the train set, an inflatable indoor bouncy thing (they had forgotten about), have drawn lots of pictures, washed dishes (because they love making a huge mess with water), I mean the list goes on and on.

This week coming up we have Easter crafts and coloring eggs on the agenda.  I am also dying to take them to go see Smurfs.  Smurfs was one of my all time favorite shows as a kid.  I had bought them a DVD which had many of the old episodes on it, and they seem to love Smurfs too!

They are somewhat good at entertaining themselves too (as long as Travis doesn’t grab every single thing Christopher tries to play with).

However despite all of these attempts to keep them occupied, they are dying to get outside and play.  Our boys never seem to get enough outside play.  If it were up to them they would spend from sun up to sun down outside.  Which I love that about them!  My husband and I experience full, total, meltdowns, when it is time to come in for dinner.  So I am begging Mother Nature to please get us over rainy season super fast so we can all enjoy a little outside play time!


When boredom kicks in:



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