Dreaming Of A Vacation?

I was hosted (media trip) for this vacation.   In return the resort asked for an open and honest review.  All thoughts are my own and are not swayed by any outside source. 

  Imagine this… The warm sun beating on your face, while the ocean breeze blows through your hair cooling you to perfection.

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Dreams Sands Resort & Spa Cancun Mexico
The sounds of small, turquoise ocean waves crashing onto the gorgeous white sand beach.  The music in the background just enough to get you in the vacation mode and a frozen drink in hand to help with that as well.  Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it?

Well it was!  My husband I and took our first vacation together since our honeymoon 5 1/2 years ago.  No children, just the two of us and another couple that are good friends of ours.

I wanted the sun, sand and frozen drinks for my 40th birthday.  So we planned this trip.  We went to Cancun Mexico and stayed at the Dreams Sands Resort & Spa.  I had been to Cancun 2 other times, but had never stayed at this resort or any of its sister resorts.  I will say the friends I travelled with are a bit of travel snobs (they admit this too) so I was worried it may not live up to their expectations.

Room with a view!
She did request an upgrade, which we did receive, for $80.00 more per night.  Our original rooms had only a small balcony, and she wanted a larger one.  So our new rooms included this huge outdoor private balcony area.  It had its own cabana, hot tub, and plenty of seating.  The view… Well that was AMAZING!  My husband and I spent a lot of time sitting out here relaxing and soaking up the tropical atmosphere.

The room was pretty standard.  King size bed, flat screen T.V., stocked mini bar, pretty bathroom and nice toiletries (ones you actually like the smell of).

The staff at this hotel was extremely pleasant, helpful, and eager to please.  Everyone greeted us with a smile and said Hola.  Whenever we asked them for anything they would always say, “It is my pleasure!”  Clean… They seemed to go above and beyond what you might expect.  I even saw a staff member cleaning/polishing the bases of the chairs at the coffee bar.  The staff was really amazing, and there for anything you may want/need.

I have to say I have been to many all-inclusive resorts, and the food is always okay.  It’s not bad, but definitely not fine dining as they describe.  All four of us were impression not only by the selection of restaurants but by the quality of food as well.  I think we had only one meal we weren’t too impressed with, but all of the others were awesome!

4643538F-FF3B-469F-B75E-6A0DE6785EBF (1)Beaches Sands Resorts beachfront was different than anywhere I had stayed in Cancun before.  Both time I stayed prior, the ocean is gorgeous, but rough.  As an adult or teen it can be fun, but certainly not calming.  At Beaches we had an amazing beach for everyone.  I would have definitely felt safe having my children play at their beach.  There were just little waves and you could walk out a long way before it became deep.  My friend, the travel snob, said it was one of the nicest beaches she has been to.  We rented a cabana on the beach for a few days and it was spectacular.  Perfect for taking a cat nap, relaxing, and drinking their amazing drinks, all while being just a few feet away for the ocean.

All four of us checked out the spa as well.  We each did a couples massage.  Of course because it is a resort it was more expensive than what you pay at home, this is to be expected at any resort.  Again, the friendliness of the staff was great.  It was a clean, very tranquil setting.  We enjoyed our massages very much.  My husband said he could feel the stress leaving his body.  He said he didn’t realize how much stress he was holding in his body until they were able to work it out, through his massage.

The entertainment the resort provided was awesome.  Family friendly but adults could enjoy the shows and themes as well.  I attached this YouTube video of just one of the amazing shows we caught.

I will say this vacation was amazing and one I will remember for a long time.  I also know it will be a while before I get the opportunity to travel again without children.  Next vacation will be with our boys so it will be different, but just as awesome making great family memories!

John & I
Drinking a Miami Vice
Selfie Time

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