It’s that time of year again that everyone is Irish, at least for a day.  Americans celebrate this “holiday” so much, that the people living in Ireland are jealous!  We have parades, festivals, fun green attire, and even green beer.  I mean what’s not to be jealous of!

Now that I have children, my own Irish Twins, the way I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day has changed dramatically.

BK (before kids) I would be at the parades, however with my green solo cup and mini coolerIrish for refills.  Green beer, hell yeah!  For those of you who have been fortunate enough not to drink the green beer, I guess you will never know what amazing things it does to your pee.

Now with kids, we still enjoy the parades unless it is too cold to go and enjoy one (this year it was 22 degrees).  I still pack that mini cooler but it now contains, juice boxes, snacks, and wipes.  No more green solo cups for me.

One thing we always do on St. Patrick’s Day, is celebrate our dog Brutus’s birthday.  He was born on March 17, 2009.  This year he will be 8 years old.

I know, what a beautiful dog, right?  Well don’t let his handsome looks fool you, he can be an asshole!  Don’t believe me… Just ask our FedEx guy, UPS guy, mail lady, or anyone that comes rolling up our driveway on a motorcycle.  He is wonderful to everyone he knows, and loves the kids, but quite the watchdog.

Now as a mom on St. Patrick’s Day I like to do fun things for the kids.  Last year a leprechaun visited our house.  He left us an awesome cake and a little something in the bathroom.


I want to celebrate this day with the boys.  To teach them more about their Irish background.  Hell, my biological father’s last name is Gallagher (fitting like the show Shameless) we must all have some Irish in us.  That brings me to my next point…

I am really considering doing the DNA test from  Now that I have children I would love to know more about my (our) ancestry.  It seems really cool to get definitive answers of my lineage.  Who knows, all these years I’ve been thinking I’m half Irish & half English, I could be wrong.  It might even determine that I’m royalty.  Haha!  wink

I would love to hear how you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Tell me in a comment below!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



  1. How cute are your little boys! I think it is lovely the way you celebrate the day with the children. It isn’t that big in Australia. Yes, the Irish celebrate but it is more about drinking in the pub not including the children. A great way to celebrate all things Irish. xx


  2. Remember when Heinz had a “green” ketchup promotion some years back? I had no problem drinking green beer back then, but I wouldn’t touch the green ketchup LOL.


  3. I didn’t realize that people who live in Ireland are green with envy about the way we celebrate here in the States! I celebrated this year by spending time with family, including the two cutest leprechauns in my life, my two grandsons 5 and 3. We ate pizza and then went to get a free ice cream because it was opening day at our favorite Maine ice cream store and this is how they start their season. No green beer for me this year. But there is always next year!

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