Daylight Saving-But Why?

I am not exactly sure why we still do this, this day in age.  I’ve heard it started way back and somehow was supposed to help the farmers.  I’ve also heard it is to conserve energy.  However I really have no clue what it’s real purpose is, other than to screw everyone (especially small children) up for a few days.  I also know every year it seems we “spring ahead” earlier and earlier, which is fine by me, I enjoy more sunlight.

One new little fun item we have just received (was provided to me in return for my honest review) has been really fun in trying to educate my toddlers about time and why we change it.  It is called My Tot Clock  This cute little clock has many cool features.  For example the face has different colors that will light up.

Yellow: is for wake up time.  The time can be changed for school days vs. weekend days.  So you can tell your little ones, you need to stay in bed until your clock turns yellow.  Hooray!!  I am still trying to get my boys to abide by this, hopefully soon.

Blue: Bedtime

Red: Timeout – timer.  You are able to set the length, we do 2 minutes.

Teal: Nap time  clockfeTURES

This clock also includes nap and bedtime stories & music.  As well as a white noise feature.  You have the ability to adjust the volume and for what length the music plays for.

Each Tot Clock comes with a Tot Clock Treasure cartridge you can purchase more so your child can switch up their stories, music, and lullaby.  My boys really like The Hare and The Tortoise and It’s Night Night Time at the moment.  This clock is the perfect size as well.  We pack it when we are travelling!

Tot Clock also sells changeable face-plates.  We have the moon and the stars,

My Tot Clock.  Moon. stars, and music, my boys love it.

but will be getting the sports faced one.  There are other designs as well.  They have barnyard theme, butterflies, dolphins and under the sea, ballerinas, and princess with rainbows plus so many more.

Go check them out at:

For My readers My Tot Clock is offering a 10% off coupon.

When purchasing on enter the promo code: MOMBLOG10

They can also be purchase through Amazon.


  1. I was always told it was to do with farming. Yours are timed a bit differently to ours – forward earlier in March and then back in November, while ours is October. I hate the clocks going forward, but always loved them going back – gaining an hour and getting short winter nights is much better to me than losing an hour and getting summer!


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