Crafty Kids-Keepsake Crates

My boys LOVE painting, coloring and doing any kinds of crafts.  The messier the better.  I don’t mind them getting messy while playing/creating, I feel that is half the fun.  Everything we use is easily cleaned up.  So just let them go, be creative, and watch the joy it brings them.

I am one for always referring to other peoples ideas for creativity.  I’m not the most creative person, but I can take an idea and put my own spin on it.

I was recently approached by a family owned business who is helping moms like me.  The business is called Keepsakecrates.  You can find them at:

What they do is provide a subscription box (which is shipped directly to your door) which includes an arts & crafts project inside.  It will include everything you need for the craft.  Paint, stickers, paper, canvas, everything you would need to complete the craft.9515EB4F-8971-4CA6-BE4E-E8B6AFB600A4

We received our box a few weeks ago (in exchange for my honest review).  It was an adorable monkey themed painting.  My boys ripped open the box and their excitement was adorable.68B6C1E0-5123-4059-8C0F-0529E60D0EAE

So we sat and I showed them the picture the came as a part of the instructions and let them create their masterpieces.  Remember art is in the eye of the beholder.  Ha!

They loved every second of getting messy, painting, and doing it their way.  The end results did not look anything like the directions showed, however they could not have been more proud of their work.  I loved it as well.  F935D7CB-46EA-4230-AC94-43593EC83D3C

They will put together the perfect box of crafts/supplies based on your family’s needs.

Check them out on Facebook:


Also their website:


  1. My older grandson is so creative. He tells me he is ‘an artist’ and he is! I know he’d love this but he also has fun with all the cardboard he can find in our recycle bins and tossed away paper towel rolls. We make a big mess when we do art projects together! These are precious times.


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