International Women’s Day

I realize I might make some people really upset about this post, but here it goes anyway. 

I don’t really understand today, International Women’s Day (started in 1975).

I understand it is important to recognize women in history who have done amazing things to get us to where we are today. 

I understand how hard it has been to achieve the status that we have so far. 

I understand that women want to make the same amount of money doing the same job as a man. 

I saw on the news that many institutions around the world had to close today because of the women taking a stand/strike. I understand that without women in the work force things just couldn’t be done the same way. 

I also understand that without women there would be nothing. 

What I don’t understand...

Why aren’t we more upset in the fact that most families can not live anymore on just one salary. Most woman have lost their rights to be able to stay home and be a mom, if they wanted to. 

Thank you Google for your image today.

I don’t understand why we as women don’t expect (or experience much anymore) a man to be chivalrous. To take care of a woman in a sweet, caring way. 

I don’t understand why today not showing up for work (that same job you were able to get because of women’s rights) had any real impact. Yes I saw it all over the news and social media today, but when we all wake up tomorrow and go about our normal routine… 

What did today change/make better?

I also don’t understand why everyone needs a “day” or “month” to celebrate how they have been suppressed.  

What I don’t understand is:

Why we as women don’t support each other more in our successes, failures, and plain old every day life. 

Why we need 1 day a year to declare how much we appreciate our gender. Which many other days we tear each other down. 

Why we shame each other in our life’s choices. Being a mom or not being a mom (which by the way is sometimes out of our control). 

Why we shame each other as to if you can be – want to be, a stay at home mom. Versus being a working out of the home mom. Notice I said versus. SAHM vs. WAHM!

As a woman, I am only saying, I wish we could feel this camaraderie and empowerment each and every day. Support each other more!  Tear each other down-never!  Show the love for everyone, everyday, not just one “declared” day a year!


  1. I’ve been a working mom and now I’m a working grandma. I think it is great to have a choice in the matter and YES! We need to support each other all the time. BTW, my son was a stay at home dad for over 4 years and I was so proud of him!


  2. I get celebrating the day, but I did not fully support this year’s idea of A Day Without Woman. I know it was a Trump protest, but as you said we fought for those jobs!
    And I’m 100% behind the need for woman to support each other more!


  3. I guess this shows how ignorant I am about the goings on in the world. Because when I heard the title of this day, I thought it was great. And then my husband was explaining about how it worked—-I don’t get it!
    We should celebrate us as working women (no matter WHERE you work), but not by not going into work?

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  4. Yes YES YES!!! I’m just so over it all. I’m a SAHM and I’m proud of it. I cook, clean and teach my children because I also homeschool. I’m proud of everything I am able to do for my family. I’m over the moon proud of my husband for working so hard day to day to allow me the privilege to stay home as well so let me ask you this, where is his “day” 😂. Just kidding!

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  5. I agree that’s is ridiculous that families cannot survive on one income anymore and that many barely get buy on two. As for the day without women, the concept came from other countries (I think Poland recently) where women have gone on strike and brought attention and some positive change to the wage gap between men and women. The problem as I see it with doing this here in the US is that absolutely everything is a partisan issue and we cannot even get everyone to agree that the basic premise of equality is a good thing for everyone.
    For the record, this didn’t make me mad at all, you have your opinions and thoughts but you weren’t rude or judgmental as many people are on this topic. I am a feminist but my husband opens doors for me and I really appreciate that. Women can be equal partners and still treated like ladies imho.

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