Shark Vacuum

**Shark has given me this product in exchange for my open and honest review.  The opinions are my own and are not swayed by any outside sources.**

As some of you already know I am a loyal Shark customer.  We have the Shark/Ninja blender, and the Shark Powered Speed LiftAway and will always search Sharks new products when they are released.

Shark has done it again!  An innovative, convenient, and powerful new vacuum.  Introducing: the Shark Rocket Complete – TruePet Ultra-light Upright with DuoClean.    This is a lightweight, take anywhere, designed vacuum.

With only weighing about ten pounds it has a ton of bells and whistles and most importantly, power.  The DuoClean has two brush rolls that work together at the same time to get stuck on dirt, breakfast/lunch/dinner remnants, pet hair, and so much more.

It works awesome on my hardwoods and carpets without having to change any attachments.  Speaking of attachments, the Shark Rocket comes with some pretty cool ones.

The under appliance wand, was the first one I wanted to try out.  I was a little scared what it could pick up from under my stove and refrigerator. Definitely obvious I should pull out my appliances more and clean behind them.  Anyway, this attachment works awesome! It gets some gross stuff from under those areas.  Bonus: I vacuumed up a lost earring and was able to save it because it was trapped in the bag-less area, where you can see everything before you dump it out.

One other feature I really like about this vacuum is how easy it is to use it as a hand held vacuum.  This came in handy when I finally got around to cleaning out our family vehicle.  With it’s crazy suction I was able to get half eaten, stuck, lollipops from under the boys seats and more fish crackers than I could count!

I have also gotten a lot of use out of the TruePet Motorized Brush.


We have two kittens who don’t shed a ton, but their fur seems to stick to our recliners.  The fabric is that really soft micro fiber, and the fur just seems to cling to it.  One quick swipe with the attachment and it’s gone.  It also comes with other attachments that make it easy to vacuum from floor to ceilings, even those dusty ceiling fans.

I also love the idea that it comes with a wall mount for quick easy storage.  I haven’t gotten my husband to put that up for me just yet, but will be super convenient when it can just quickly be placed into the wall mount for easy storage.

It has a 30′ cord, so it can travel a good range without having to find another plug.  However this brings me to the one thing I would recommend to Shark.  It would be pretty awesome if it did have the ability to run cordless too.  That would be the only negative I have in the style/design and capabilities of this vacuum.

If you are in the market for a new vacuum, I would highly recommend this one.  As you know I am a Shark Brand lover.  So this vacuum as well as their full size uprights are always high on my list!

Sold in many local retailers and online.


  1. This review comes in pretty handy at a perfect time. My hoover gave up yesterday and I am in need of a new one. Although I have never heard of the brand Shark before, I will certainly look out for that one. I love the bagless vacuums, as you said , you’ll find everything back that went in by mistake. A great review!


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