Happy Anniversary!

It has been 1 full year, 365+ days since I got the courage to start this blog.  What a year it has been.  The first year is definitely a learning year.  I have learned a lot, but there is still so much more.

One of the first things I learned is that your family and friends will wonder what a blog is and will be confused as to why anyone would have one.  Being from the east coast I always feel like we are a little behind when it comes to new things.  Blogging is not new it has been around for over a decade, but many people from here still don’t really understand blogging.


Another important thing I have learned is that many friends and family members will not ever read your blog.  You will have a couple of faithfuls, but most will never click on that link to read what you wrote.  However the blogging community is so supportive and huge, you make real connects with people who you have never actually met in person.  They will help you, push you, give advice, and share your blog’s content.  Thank God for other bloggers!

In this first year I have changed web hosting sites, which means basically starting on one service then switching to another.  Which in turn basically makes you start all over with your design and content.  It is so important to do your research on which site you should create your blog.  I highly recommend WordPress!  I have also been forced to change my blog domain name from Partys2Playdates.com to Real-Life-Mama-Drama.com.  Why you ask… Well apparently if you buy your domain name from a shady online company (which I did unknowingly) after your year subscription ends they can hold your domain name hostage and sell off to the highest bidder.  So all of my contacts and people who know me as Partys2Playdates will be dealing with someone else completely.  HARD LESSON LEARNED!

I have also had been offered some GREAT opportunities.  The boys and I have visited Sesame Place, Edaville Railroad, and were always invited to special events held at Roger Williams Park & Zoo.

My goal for 2017 is to be invited to Hersey Park and a dream for someday would be to be dream-1804598_960_720invited to Disney as a blogger.  A girl can dream right!!!






This year I attended my first blogging conference in September.  Bloggy Moms at Cedar Point Park in Ohio.  I loved every second of it.  Made a few more connections there, and we keep in touch.  Networking is essential in the online world!

I have also made a few connections with brands.  I love doing product reviews.  Real products that families can use and need.  I have refused many products, because they just weren’t something I (or my family) would use.

I even made a few bucks this year doing sponsored posts.  I will only work with people/companies that I feel could be beneficial to my readers.  If I wouldn’t want to buy or use it, I won’t take on the project.

motivation-1402852_960_720I have also been ignored.  I have reached out to companies hoping to be able to collaborate with them and have never heard back.  They will want me someday.


I have many goals and really want to work hard to continue to grow this blog and be open to all of the possibilities it brings me.  I look forward to always being a learner.  Attending conferences, listening to podcasts, and being a part of groups that help each other by sharing and building each other up.

Without you my readers, none of this would be possible.  So for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart!thank-you-1428147_960_720

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