I often feel as though I’m the lead in the movie Groundhog’s Day.  Which is ironic because my birthday is groundhog’s day.  The days seem to be filled doing the same thing, day to day, week to week, and month to month…

Routine is good, I guess…  That’s according to all of the experts out there.  On a daily basis I have been tired, so very– feel like I could just close my eyes for a few minutes on the highway driving 90 tired.  Yeah not good.

 I sometimes just feel like I’m going through the motions, like a zombie, well mombie.  Have you ever felt like any of these?

Tired All Of The Time?

Running Out Of Patience?

Feel Like You Are Stuck In A Rut?

Looking For More In This Life?

Are You Spread Too Thin?

dreamingHave Dreams Of Change?

Want More For Yourself and Family?

The Same Daily Routine Getting You Down?

You are not alone!  I have recently been feeling such a need for change.  Usually a good haircut and color would take care of that, but this is different.  This feeling inside me is more of a voice telling me, bigger and better things are on the horizon for me, my husband, and our boys.  This feeling is about me, something I need.  Not to say my life right now exactly the way it is, isn’t good, it is.  It’s better than good, but I want more for myself.

Moms (maybe dads?  I’m not sure I’ve never been one) often have guilt about doing things for themselves.  Whether it be, getting that haircut and color, or even bigger, chasing a dream. dont-follow-your-dreams-chase-them-motivational-quotes-sayings-pictures We often feel like the timing is never right.  There is not enough time (with husbands, children, and work) to pursue a dream, or not enough money in the bank.  Everyone needs us.   There will be obstacles to overcome, and people telling you it’s too risky to follow your heart/dreams.  Some may even say you are just being selfish.   Being scared to take that leap can often lead you to never going for it and just remaining content (aka: mondain), and sticking to your “norm”.

Well just being content is bullshit!  I want more than that!  That doesn’t mean I am not grateful for what I already have, I am, and know I am blessed.  I have dreams and goals (most I haven’t even shared with my husband yet).  These dreams and goals are about what I want to do for myself, but it would in turn, make our family thrive and really enjoy life.  My husband and children are the most important “things” (I hate calling them things) in my life.  What I want to do, doesn’t exclude them or make them less of a priority.  It actually 100% the opposite.  My goals and dreams are to have more quality time with them and to enjoy life together.  Seeing and doing more than we could ever imagine.


If you noticed, I stated I haven’t even shared these dreams and goals with my husband.

Why?  Well for me, it’s fear.  What if he thinks my dreams are totally ridiculous?  What if he doesn’t see and understand what I want?  What if he thinks I’m crazy?  What if he crushed my dreams in one unintentional sentence?  What if he told me, now is just not the time to go for it?  This is my husband, the father of my children, a man I have loved like no other, a person I trust with my life.  So if I’m nervous to share these dreams with him, imagine how I feel about the rest of the world knowing what they are!  My dreams and goals can not be crushed if I haven’t shared them yet.  This is why I have been holding onto them so dearly.  I am not even afraid of failing, as much as I am sharing them and hearing negative opinions.

This year, 2017, I want to be more than just a working mom or commonly known as WOHM (work outside the home).  I want to provide and do big things for my family!  Keep following my blog and you will soon see what I’m up to.

Have any of you moms or dads felt this pull inside you?  I would love to hear if you have, maybe what it was for you and how did you take that leap?




  1. I was absolutely a “Mombie” until April 2015 – it’s when I finally took the leap to become a WAHM, running my blog full-time while taking care of my two babies. Best (but scariest!) decision I ever made. No more ignoring our dreams!! 😀 Let’s light up the world with our passions!

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  2. I regret waiting until my 50’s to follow my dreams. I think it may have had an impact on my son….does he not follow his dreams because of the example I set for him so long ago? Showing your kids that it’s ok to follow your dreams is a great way to influence them.

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  3. Yes! I have felt this many times, this restlessness. Its hard to put a name on. Maybe the first step is realizing you need something. Many people aren’t that self aware. Keep going. You’ll find it.


  4. Don’t let fear of rejection squash your dreams, Beth! Yes, when you have young children they are a priority. But I found that when I made decisions that were good for me they also were good for my child and showed him that I was a separate individual. Go for it!

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  5. That urging, that compelling voice inside you needs to be listened to. I’m glad you are not stuffing these feelings down. YOU know what path you need and you will find a way to make it work–maybe you’ll revise your plan a hundred times along the way, change directions, find it fulfillment in unexpected ways–whatever–a more “alive” you is a more “alive” mom, wife and person! Go, Beth!


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