Wishes, Prayers, & Dreams

I have travelled out of the country a few times.  Visited places like, Jamaica, Mexico, Bahamas, and Aruba.  When my husband and I visited Aruba on our honeymoon, I noticed many beaches had stones piled upon each other.  In stacks, each stone was carefully placed to create a beautiful tower.  I had never noticed this before, any other place I had visited (or never took the time to notice).

I asked our tour guide why were all of these places lined with towers of stones.  He told me, when people visit these areas they carefully pick a stone and stack it on a pile all while making a wish and/or saying a prayer.

As I looked out to this particular area of Aruba’s gorgeous coastline, I felt an intense need to put my wish/prayer out there into the universe.  I remember I carefully picked the rock that “spoke” to me. balance-110850__340 Found an amazing tower that others has placed their hopes and dreams.  I then placed my rock atop the others and put my wish into the universe.

My wish/prayer was fulfilled.  I think it is ok now to share, although I guess I should have asked my tour guide that question too.

My wish 5 years and 4 months ago:

My then 3 year old nephew had been diagnosed with Autism.

My little ring bearer on my wedding day ❤

This little boy was (and still is) the light of my life.  I knew he was struggling and things were not easy for him at all.  All of my hopes and dreams for him, I thought would have to change because things would never be “normal” for him.  He would always have to work harder, fail more often, and in my opinion at the time, get picked on by other kids more than usual.  Just the thought of that broke my heart!  These things are all true.

He does work harder, he has a hard time when he fails, and he has been picked on.  However this little boy has conquered so much opposition in his short 8 years here!  He is stronger than most 8 years olds, he is so smart, funny, and such an amazing personality.  He also understands things aren’t always easy, but he is always ready to put up a fight to move forward.  He is compassionate, loving, and those that know him, ADORE him!  He has exceeded all expectations, and continues to.

My dream/wish for him has come true!  He is going to have an amazing life!  It may take him a little more effort, but he is determined.  He will do good in school (with a little extra help), he has friends, his communication skills have grown leaps and bounds, and he is actually probably a little ahead of most 8 year olds in certain areas.  My wish/dream was for him to have a “normal” life.  Well I should have wished exceptional because that is where he is headed!

Any time I travel and notice other’s hopes, wishes, dreams, and prayers all laid out beautifully and with such care, I will be sure to add mine as well.kaiden


  1. In the bible Gods people did this as a memorial of miracles and blessings God gave them. It was so that generations would see them on their travels and remember . I love it! I’m praying for a 5 yr old boy in my home and I am seeing miracles every day!! I think of these stones all the time! I want to find a way to do it in my home. My idea is a chalk board wall where we can draw them and write inside each stone just what God has done . Thanks for sharing!!

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  2. Your nephew is amazing, Beth. And this is a sweet post showing your love and appreciation for him. I have seen a lot of those rock piles in Maine but I always thought they were part of the trail markers. I had not heard the story about wishes/prayers. I have several rock piles in my back yard and when the snow melts I’m going to offer a prayer on behalf of each of them.

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  3. They have those rock formations all over the Wisconsin peninsula on the Lake Michigan side. I also inquired about them and was told a very similar story. Must be a global thing, they are really cool to see in person.


  4. What a wonderful and inspiring post, Beth. I am so happy for your nephew and so impressed by his determination and commitment. He will continue to amaze and I predict big things in his future! Pile on another stone!


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