Irish Twins

I am often asked how close in age Travis & Christopher are.  When I say 15 months, there is usually a pure look of “oh damn” followed by, “wow you must be busy?”

Which in my head, I’m always wondering do they mean, I must be busy now because these two boys are maniacs or more like wow, she and her husband must just getting busy all the time.

I have also been told many times “Oh you have Irish twins!”  Which I thought I knew what that meant, but just to be sure I googled it…

According to:

Irish twin ‎(plural Irish twins) (rare, slang, offensive) Either of a pair of siblings born less than 12 months apart, especially if born within the same calendar year or school year or born one year apart.

Originally used (in the nineteenth century) to mock the fertility of Irish families, referencing the stereotype that they do not use birth control and thus have children in quicker succession.

So I realized my boys are not officially Irish twins.  They are siblings who just happen to be very close in age, with parents that must be bat shit crazy!  When Travis was 5 months old, amidst the postpartum depression, crazy hormones, and sleepless nights, apparently we thought “trying” would be a good idea.  Seemed to make sense because it did take about 9 months of “trying” the first time.  Well guess what folks… What they say is true, be careful after just having a baby because it is easier to get pregnant, like even on the first time! 

I wanted to share a few fun things we’ve learned about having “almost Irish twins” along the way:

  • It’s hard!  While trying to chase one who has just began walking and who gets into everything, the baby needs to be fed, changed, burped, or held in some way, making catching #1 even more difficult.  You have visions of baby #1 being so good, sweet, and even adorable to baby #2, there is a pretty good chance that will not be the case.boys This was Christopher’s safe place.  Where Travis couldn’t reach him to gouge his eyes out.  Yes he did get him a couple of times, even drew blood!




  • It’s exhausting!  Not only are you on a newborn feeding schedule (every 2-3 hours) baby #1 still wants feedings, or to be held, or comforted in the night.  We were not (and still aren’t) fortunate enough to have children that sleep 7-8 hours straight.  You may hear “sleep when they sleep”, that never worked for me because I was always waiting to hear someone cry, and they rarely napped at the same time.  Plus all I could think about was all of the things that needed to get done.


  • Leaving the house is torture!  Just packing a bag for everything you need for 2 babies and remembering everything is win!  There were times I realized I didn’t have a size 1 diaper for baby #2 and NEEDED one, and just said screw it kid, wear your brothers size 3.  Didn’t pack enough formula because I thought packing 2 hours worth of errands would be enough.  Turns out, 2 hours of errands now takes 4 hours.  You will forget shit, a lot of it too.  Mommy brain is a real thing!


  • It’s a blur!  When you are in the thick of it, there are no words of advice or understanding how you made it through the day.  Every day seems like an eternity of feeding, pooping, sleeping at different times, making bottles, cleaning bottles, bath times (2 separate bath times), laundry, oh the laundry!  There is also no shortage of crying, spit up, messes, picking up toys, negotiating with baby #1, pleading with baby #1 to stop getting into everything.  When bedtime (and I use that term loosely) comes it is a miracle everyone is still alive, and for me that was really my main goal.  Just keep these children breathing and I’m doing well.  


  • x2It is a bond like no other!  Travis and Christopher are really starting to bond.  They get into trouble together.  Travis can understand Christopher speaking better than anyone else.  They work together to get things done (even destructive things).  They play, read, dance and sing together.  My husband and I can really see how they will be a great force together, against us. pinky-swear1 They will have eachothers back for sure.






This was the last family picture of us as a family of 4.  About two weeks later came Christopher.  Look at how little Travis was.1969264_10204179746487371_2445184742558242840_n-1

I am finally seeing that as difficult some moments are, we are all very lucky & blessed to have these “almost Irish twins”!


  1. My babies are 16 months and 2 days apart 😀 I feel like I’m only now coming up for air (with my youngest turning 2 next month). Seeing their bond, though, is seriously the absolutely best thing I’ve ever witnessed – and I get to witness it EVERY day. I’m both blessed and exhausted. haha


  2. My two youngest sons are 16 months apart – they wear the same size clothing! They could almost be twins except one has black hair, the other blonde! 😜 They get on very well but have totally different personalities, different interests & different dress sense!


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