Holiday Traditions

Starting family traditions while the kids are little has been fun and educational, for me. Domenic is 14 this Christmas, so he isn’t into all of the traditions anymore, some but not all.  However he has helped with our new addition to the family this year, The Elf On The Shelf.

Our special elf arrived Thanksgiving night and Travis named him Snowy.  I can almost guarantee that name will change next year.  I tried reading the book to Travis so he would understand the concept of the elf.  I had no luck, with his attention span being like one of a gnat, I couldn’t get him to sit long enough to read the book.  So I bought the movie.  However in the meantime, the Elf is doing his thing, reporting to Santa and all.  So about the third morning of Snowy moving to his new silly spot, I said to Travis, “look, Snowy moved.  He went to the North Pole to visit Santa and tell him all of the good things you and Christopher did yesterday!”  He looked at me with a very confused look on his face… He says to me (and I quote) “But me and Christopher were both saying fucky yesterday.”  This in fact, is a true statement, one I am trying my hardest not to bust out laughing over.  So I whispered to him, “I think you guys are very lucky Snowy did not hear that!  I would not  say that ever again.”

At three years old he already knows and comprehends more than I ever thought.  He is definitely schooling me.  I’m trying my hardest to teach lessons all the while about to pee my pants with laughter!

I was very surprised that Travis sat on his lap!
Poor Christopher couldn’t make it, he was home sick with croup   😦


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