Tis the season to be thankful, fal la la la la la la!  Well I sure am!  There are the things you would expect people to be grateful for, family, friends, good health, and having a roof over your head.  All of which I am extremely grateful for. crazy My family is crazy, just about every single one of them!  They won’t take offense to this because they know.  They may not actually admit it, but deep down know it’s true!  This can make getting together for the holidays a bit complicated, so we don’t.  I am grateful for that.


I am extremely grateful for my friends.  I do not get to see or talk to many of them as much as I wish I could, but we still know we can all count on one another.  I don’t think I could get through life if I didn’t have my friends that have kids.  They get it!  They understand why you don’t want to go out past 8 O’clock, they also completely understand why you don’t always get to call them back right away.  They never need any explanation, they are living it too.

Of course good health is at the top of list as well.  Knock on wood, we all are healthy.  Not to say we don’t have the random colds, sinus issues, and a bad case of Lyme back in the day.  Overall we are healthy and I thank heavens every day for that.  I also say prayers for the people I know (and don’t know for that matter) that are fighting battles.  #MightyMegan

My husband and children, I am usually thankful for.  Just kidding, I am always grateful for all 4 men in my life.  My husband for being the calm, cool, collected one, and his love for me and our boys.  My 14 year old stepson, who has matured so much in the past couple of years, only has a little bit of attitude, and almost always gets high honors in school, and most importantly loves his brothers (even Travis when he’s not nice) soooooo much!

Since becoming a mom some things that I used to be grateful for no longer apply.

For example:

SLEEP –  I used to love sleeping in, and getting naps everyday.  Well now I’m lucky if I get 4-5 hours a night.  I am beginning to have a love/hate relationship with sleep.

Going out – I remember the night before Thanksgiving was the biggest night of the year to


go out and see old friends.  Now I see them all on Facebook and Instagram so I can stay home in my jammies.  I am grateful for Facebook and Instagram, lol.

Work – Looking back I don’t think I was ever grateful enough for the mindless jobs I worked.  Just showing up to work doing my work and leaving, never thinking about that place until my next shift…AAAAhhhhh that would be nice.  Today I get overwhelmed by the issues, problems, and work that needs to get done.  I often bring my work home, not my actual work, but the drama and issues/problems and it takes its toll.

The Little Black Dress – Once upon a time, BK (Before Kids) I could rock any outfit, bathing suit, or anything I wanted.  I was usually a little reserved, but I could wear anything.  Now I joke and say “I wish I was as fat as when I was 20!”  Even though I can not rock that LBD anymore, I am grateful for my body and what it has given me.

On the opposite side of things, here are some examples of what I am grateful for now that I’m a mom.  Things I probably didn’t even know about or understand, BK.

*Shopping time ALONE & online shopping

*Children’s Melatonin

*Non cartoon TV shows


*Daylight savings — I know, I know everyone hates it, but when you have kids and the sun is still out at 8:30pm they do NOT go to bed.  So when it’s 5pm in the winter,  you can already be preparing them for bedtime.

*Date Night

*Eating at a restaurant with no children

*A weekend with no children’s birthday parties scheduled

*Always having tissues, napkins, and/or wipes in your car

*Last but certainly not least, alcohol


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