Halloween Tricks, Treats & Awareness

I have come across some fun, creative, and informative ways to celebrate Halloween!  

First I will start with the informative and bringing awareness to an important issue that is an issue for many children.  Food allergies.  According to the VP of Food, Allergy, Research and Education (FARE) 1 in 13 children are affected by a food allergy.  With that being said, there is probably a good chance you will have a child trick or treating at your house that has an allergy.  Food allergies, especially to peanuts can be extremely dangerous for children, and cause extreme anxiety for their parents.

Mixing all of your candy in the same bowl can be enough to contaminate all the candy and be dangerous for the children.  It is important to find treats that specify “peanut free”.  I found a website that contains some great ideas of what you could buy and give out to your trick or treaters with allergies.  Just remember they are kids, they do NOT want a toothbrush, or popcorn… They still want a treat on Halloween.  Here is the link to that website for ideas.  


Along with this, someone came up with a great idea to let these trick or treaters, and their parents know you have “peanut free” treats.  Teal Pumpkin Project:  By simply teal-pumpkinpainting a pumpkin teal and leaving it by your door, everyone will know you have taken their allergies into consideration and have a special treat just for them!  This really puts a smile on everyone’s face, and isn’t that what Halloween is really about. 




Let’s get to the creative portion.  Along with the teal pumpkin project, many people are decorating their pumpkins to reflect some of their favorite charities.  While out trick or treating this year you may see many pumpkins painted in a variety of ways.  Here are a few that seem to be most popular:


One very near and dear to my heart, Autism Awareness
Breast Cancer Awareness
Childhood Cancer Awareness
Purple is for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness &            Epilepsy Awareness

Okay so now let’s get to this new (I’m not sure how new it is but I’m just hearing about it) fun idea!  Have you ever been Boooozed?  Well I haven’t yet either, however I will be starting some of these shenanigans in my neighborhood!  This is your warning!  boozed-pdf_edited-2

So why so the kids have all the fun at Halloween time?  This cute idea is sure to make your neighbors happy (that is unless they are in AA, DON’T LEAVE BOOZE ON AN ALCOHOLICS DOORSTEP  😉

So the idea is, you leave this cute note attached to some kind of alcohol you think they may enjoy.  You do not tell them it is from you!  Then they are supossed to follow up by doing it to two neighbors as well.  Fun right?  What a cute little way to have fun with the neighborhood!  

Now that I have all of these ideas for my pumpkins and how I’m going to BOOOOZE up my neighbors I just need to figure out what the boys Halloween costumes will be.  Yup, still no costumes, #BadMOM! Stop blogging and start shopping/making/creating a damn costume already!

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