Fundraising Ideas

This is a sponsored post.  All of the opinions are my own and not swayed by any outside sources!  I LOVE this concept as a mom who is always fundraising!

I came across this company called:



As a parent, how many times have you had to sell things to fundraise for your child’s school, sports team, or a charity?  Have you been stuck doing the same old fundraisers such as, selling candy bars, cookie dough (YUCK!), or candles?  We have also, many times.

 Keeka has a whole new, fun, and useful way to fundraise!  If you have children, you know their phone, iPad, computer, and so on, are always nearby.  How many of you ask them to use headphones (earbuds) so you do not always have to listen to what they are listening to?  We do all the time!  What about you, do you use earbuds?  Most of us do, some people almost daily!

So Keeka came up with this awesome, fun, and unique concept to sell kits of earbuds for fundraising! blog



Schools and organizations can make real money quick, without having to wait for orders to come in or checks to clear.  You have the product on hand and can sell immediately! This means you do not have to chase down people for money or to deliver the goods once they have come in.  It can be a super quick, easy, sale which earns money for your fundraiser.

Cookie dough and candy are unhealthy and it is sometimes awkward to go around and try to collect money from your neighbors and friends.  Most of the work often falls on you,  the parent, to complete.

Everyone could utilize ear buds, as almost everyone has a smart phone, tablet or MP3 music player. Keeka’s earphones are fashionable, have great packaging and make great last minute gifts!  They also make awesome stocking stuffers!!!blog

Be sure to pass along this information to your school, sports organization, and a team you might have, earning money for a charity!  These would be great to sell to raise money for a 5K, or marathon.  Everyone needs earphones for that! 


  1. What a different yet great fundraising idea! At our local schools cake making seems to be the in thing for fundraising. These earphones are great for selling at the winter school bazaars, as you say, they make great stocking fillers 😊

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