Wacky Wednesday

This book I’m featuring today is one of my boys most favorite.  It is called,

All Better! By: Henning Lohlein * Bernd Penners.book2

It is one of many from the Usborne collection.  This book is great for infants to about 7ish.  It is a very easy read and has bright bold colors throughout.  It tells the story of how some of our animal friends get boo boos and provides bandage stickers that can be placed on each boo boo.  I don’t know about you but my boys are obsessed with band aids.  They want a band aid on everything.  Allowing them to stick & re-stick the band aides keeps them occupied for a while.

The story also tells that each boo boo should be cleaned and kissed.  Great to get the kids into cleaning the boo boo first.  Might help with the crying of the thought of cleaning their boo boo later.  Short book that they will ask you to read over and over.  We love it!

You can purchase this book and many, many, others through a Usborne consultant.  I just happen to have one on speed dial.  Here is her link:





  1. I can’t wait to get this book! We have Nibbles the book monster and the twins LOVE it. I thought they were getting a little bored with reading, especially my son, he barely paid attention, but now I see it’s the books they were bored with because both of them want me to read Nibbles over and over and over! And then it’s daddy’s turn, ha ha. They definitely need more of these books.


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