Raising Boys

Raising boys is certainly NOT for the faint of heart.  I only have boys (even the dog is a boy) so this is pretty much all I know.  I did have some experience with girls when I was younger, because my sisters are 12 and 15 years younger than I am.  However I do not remember girls being like this!

Being a #Boyparent has many challenges, if you have boys than you know, and I’m preaching to the choir.  However if you are a new #boyparent here are a few things you can look forward to:  

  • There will be many strange noises coming from their body.  From their little bums, mouths, armpits, bellies, and this will be hysterical to them.  They will burp, fart, make farting sounds from their armpits, anything to get your attention.  Farting and burping actually becomes a second language in your house.  Then the uncontrollable giggles will start.


  • There will be drama and whining!  This is not only a female trait.  Boys are very dramatic as well.  They can cry, scream, yell, and throw a tantrum, with the best of them.  A band aid is needed for every last bump on their body.  They whine over just about everything.  From not the right shoes to wear, to the wrong juice in the sippy cup, to not being tired when they are actually exhausted, the wrong cartoon is on There will be tears, sometimes fake, but there will be many tears.


  • Which brings me to my next point.  There will be many, and I mean many, boo boos!
    A pretty recent boo boo for Travis

     Boys are rough, extremely active, and always seem to be in high gear!  They are always running (and falling), they are always jumping (and falling), they are always flipping & tumbling (and falling).  They seem to climb on everything (and fall off or maybe just hang there until they can be saved).  They like to throw things (usually at their siblings), they like to smash things (again sometimes their siblings).  Boys are just an overall a ball of endless energy, and you will probably end up in the ER from time to time.




  • Boys love dirt, bugs, and big messes.  Most boys can scope out a puddle from a mile away.  Yeah those new shoes, just worn for the first time today, yup they are goners!  I think dirt and mud is like oxygen for them, they can’t seem to live without it.  Bugs, ugh, I hate them.  My boys seem to be so intrigued by all creepy, crawling, sometimes really, really big bugs.  They love to watch the bugs  move and get so close to them, I want to scream and run.  Not my boys, they would rather try to pick them up, and thankfully we are finally out of the eating them stage after they catch them!


  • My boys love adventure and fear nothing.  Which can be very nerve racking as a mom.  They want to do everything, try everything, and will jump at the chance, with no hesitation.  Fear and consequence do not seem to be a part of their genetic makeup.  As a mom it is stressful, you find yourself constantly holding your breath and biting your nails because of anxiety.


  • Last but certainly not least…They love body parts, bodily fluids, and being naked!  I have witnessed pulling, hitting, jiggling, tugging, holding, and so on, of their boy parts.  I have been told repeatedly “you have big boobies!”  They love running around completely naked and do not see the big deal in it whatsoever.  I have had to rush in and stop Travis before he would try to pull down his pants to go pee — in the middle of the grocery store.  Same child has also gone poop on our lawn beside his swing set.  There is just no shame in his game!  Once boys realize they can shoot their pee, oh man you better watch out!  Spitting too, we can’t forget that.  I have been spit on so many times I have lost count.  They also seem to find it to be hysterical when they chew up food or have juice in their mouths to see just how far they can make it fly.  Mommy doesn’t find that to be nearly as funny as they do.

So in conclusion, yes I am way outnumbered in our house.  I will probably always need to clean the toilet before I think about using it.  I will spend lots of money on insurance deductibles and many hours in emergency rooms.  However the love that I have for my boys could never be diminished by a little poop, spitting, bugs, or drama!  I will love them forever and always no matter how gross they are!  

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  1. I understand I have six boys ages 18 to 6.I also have two girls.I always say I spend all day trying to keep them in one peice.my girls are fairly wild as well.I blame this on having 6 brothers.

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  2. Oh, this brings back memories! I raised three boys, one girl, but with three brothers . . . Never a dull (or quiet) moment! When they were little I read a line somewhere, it said – “Lord, please grant me the strength to endure my blessings.” At first I thought it sounded odd, but by the end of that day, it had become my prayer 😜

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  3. I love this, and it’s all so true! My son is 4, and I also have twin girls that will be 2 next month. Two completely different worlds. I’ll send my son to his room to get dressed, and ten minutes later I’ll walk past his door and see him sitting at his little table, playing legos… completely naked.


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