Negative Nelly

We all know of a person that just seems to complain about everything (if you don’t, then maybe it’s you  ;).  Could be a co-worker, could be another parent at your child’s school or on their sports team.  Could most certainly be a family member.  Well mine is my threenager!

I swear I must hear…

“I don’t want this!”

“I don’t like this!”

“I don’t like you!”    *Which makes my heart hurt a little every time I hear that!

“I don’t like daddy, I don’t like Ristopher, I don’t like Domenic!”

“I don’t want to do that, I don’t like it!”

“I don’t like, breakfast, I don’t like lunch and I don’t like dinner!”

“No I am not going to do that!”

“I don’t like that cup!”

“I don’t want to listen!”

“I don’t want to go to sleep, I don’t like sleep!”

…100 times a day!

Geez Louise kid, do you like anything?  I realize being three is extremely tough, but you driving me frigging insane.  Don’t get me wrong he has his moments of pure cuteness, but lately his “Negative Nelly”personality seems to be making his way out way more often than “Cute Travis.”

Oh and the tantrums (I’m thankful they mostly happen at home) are ridiculous!  Last night he threw himself on the floor because he thought I gave him the wrong kind of juice.  It was the frigging juice he picked out and in the red cup which he had to have.  Well apparently in 2 seconds we can change our minds on what we want, and go totally ape shit bananas!!!!

This is Travis not liking anything!

Oh for the love of God!  What did I do in this lifetime that was so awful, that this bitch called Karma is kicking my ass?  Well I do have a few ideas of what those things might be, I’ll save that for another time persons-0006

Quite often in my mind, I hear myself bargaining to any power above to please just let this be a good night.  I will do many good deeds tomorrow if you just help me make it through tonight.

“They” say at 3, many children are testing their boundaries and trying to be independent.  Well I feel “they” should start a support group, like AA, for moms and dads of toddlers.  I would be the first to join.  “Hi my name is Beth and I am a mom to 2 toddlers!”  However the group needs to be completely opposite of AA in the fact they offer open bar at these meetings!  Hhhhmmmmm I think I might be onto something…

Which brings me to the events of this past weekend.  I thought, oh it would be so nice to get a couple of quick, nice, pictures done of the boys.  What in the holy hell was I thinking?  My husband chose to bow out, because he is smarter than me.  So we made a trip to our local mall and hit up the photography studio.  To say the boys were uncooperative is putting it nicely.  They were complete monsters.  Running around the entire place.  Not sitting, not standing, not smiling… I was looking at the photographer, like hello, isn’t this your job to get these animals to cooperate?  He kept asking me if I wanted to reschedule.

I turned into Medusa and said;medusa “no I want these photos done now, I’m not coming back, so get to it!”  I think everyone in the place felt bad for me, or maybe the looks I got were more along the lines of, Jesus lady get your kids under control!  Either way it was a total epic fail.  We got one picture of the 2 boys together, just one, and this is how it came out…img_3853

That shows just how great that idea turned out!  Man oh man do I need a drink, or ten!

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