Toddlers & Weddings

This past Labor Day weekend my sister got married.  She had asked if she could have Travis be her ring bearer.  Of course we loved the idea.  With that, comes the stress of not knowing whether or not he would cooperate.  Would he throw a tantrum?  Would he cry?  Would he run in the opposite direction?  Would he throw or lose the rings?  Would he say or do something completely inappropriate?  All of these worries flooded my mind!

My sister wanted Travis to dress a little different for his big wedding day debut.  She had a vision which was adorable!  He was the “Ring Security”.

He and his attire was a huge hit!  From the sunglasses to the ring box, he was adorable!img_3572

I don’t think he really realized he had a job to do.  While the wedding party was gathering up and getting ready to walk down the aisle he was still running around in circles, talking non stop, and busting a move on the dance floor (with no music yet).  I was trying to get him in line and calm down a bit, with no luck, until… Until I found the magic in Maraschino Cherries.  I bribed him with an endless supply of cherries just to cooperate.  It worked like a charm.  He listened, and walked down the stairway, and then ran back up.  My husband had to go chase him to get him to come back down.  I think seeing everyone made him nervous.  Once my husband got him back down, he did great.  He walked down the aisle, held the rings, and charmed everyone with his cuteness!

He then came and sat with me in the front row, waiting for his cue to bring the rings up to the wedding officiant.  Right on cue, he did his job perfectly.  Almost immediately after that is when he had the crowd laughing uncontrollably.

All the guest are watching and listening while the officiant is saying such beautiful things about the bride and groom.  Then as loud as can be and amplified because of the plastic chair… A big, loud, fart, or as Travis calls it, a “bum burp“.  Like really, really loud!  Almost everyone heard it and was dying laughing.  He then follows that up with, “mom…mom, I NEED TO POOP!”  Again, not discrete, not even a little bit!  I thought I was going to die!  I was laughing, blushing, and nearly crying.  My husband scooped him up and brought him to where he needed to be.  Travis was the talk of the entire cocktail hour.  He was definitely one of the highlights of the ceremony.

So the take away here is: kids can make the most memorable moments at weddings.  Funny, loving, adorable memories.  Travis’s first debut, will probably not be forgotten any time soon!

Some other great pictures that were captured on that special day.

Photography Credit: Laurie Brandt Photography — Coventry, RI

Officiant Services:  Wedding by Wheels, Michelle Wheelock

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