Essential Oil Cases Galore

I was given this product from Soothing Terra in exchange for my honest opinion and review post.  My opinions are my own and are not swayed by outside sources.

As some of you may know, I have been dabbling in using essential oils.  I am by no means an expert on using them.  I actually find it to be a bit overwhelming.  I diffuse most of the oils I use, because to me, that seems to be the easiest way to do it.  I am a huge fan of putting a little lavender oil in the boys bath at night too.  So aside from not fully understanding how to use my oils, my next biggest problem was storing them.  As I had mentioned in a prior blog post, Christopher got into the container I was using to store them and decided to drink (a few drops) of one of the oils.  My husband wanted to strangle me.


So I have since found a company to help me with the storage problem.  Soothing Terra.

They offer different sizes and colors of cases.  They have awesome colors like pink and purple too.  Just depending on how many oils you need to store will depend on what case will suit you best.  I went with the black case that holds 30, 5 ml oils.  I can’t forget to mention one of the best parts… Each case they offer is extremely affordable, and high quality.

So I am finally more organized with my oils, and they are held in a secure case.  I would also like to mention before you try any essential oils, please do your research and only go with a reputable company.  NOT ALL OILS ARE CREATED EQUALLY!  Do not just buy any oil you may find in a big box store, or a supermarket (whole or not).  I personally use the brand YoungLiving.  If you would like more information on the oils, and diffusers, check out their website:



    1. I love the smell of almost all of my oils. I definitely have my favorites. Some hard core EO users probably see and understand the difference between a “good” diffuser and a not so good one. Me, I have 3. Two that are probably around $50 or so from the oil company and one from Amazon that I got for like $15. I don’t see a difference!

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