The Kitchen Sink

I ran into a grandmother with two of her grandchildren the other day at a local sandwich shop.  It was immediately obvious she was in way over her head.  I’m guessing, her granddaughter was probably about 4 and grandson 2.  They were adorable for sure.  She was having difficulty getting them to stay at the table 2 feet away from where she was, while she grabbed their sandwiches and drinks.  The granddaughter was trying to pull her turtle Ty-Beanie from her grandma’s pocketbook, and grandma’s wallet came crashing out.  Loose change everywhere.  The grandson was whining/crying “It’s coming off…It’s coming off…IT’S COMING OFF!”  He was referring to his band-aid on his knee.  Oh man, oh man, have I been where she is!  I decided while the grandmother was trying to get their food situated I would talk to her granddaughter about her turtle.  I found out the turtles name, where she came from, how many other turtles were at home.  I also learned of the granddaughters favorite color, where her mommy was, and her brothers name.  I kept her busy enough that grandma could get the food to the table and on their plates.  Well Mr. Grandson was still not happy about his band-aid.

Me being a mom made me think…How can I help?  Well every mom with a toddler probably has band-aides in their pocketbooks, and sure enough, I had a stash of Paw Patrol band-aids.  I shared a couple with grandma.  The look on her face was priceless!  Absolute relief and gratitude.  She smiles and nods to me, then says, it’s been quite some time since I’ve had to do this.  I explained I do it every day and I’m still overwhelmed and my kids make me stress sweat all the time.  We both laughed.  This encounter is what made me want to write this post, that and the fact that because of my pocketbook my table at my sister’s wedding shower won the “pocketbook bingo”!

I have more crap in my purse, everything but the kitchen sink, as they say.  I just randomly dumped my purse out on the floor and this is the result:

So there are the obvious things you would think to find; a wallet, pen, car keys, change, and chapstick.  Well then there is the other stuff, most of which can’t really be explained!

  1. A rubber ducky — ?? Maybe in case we run into any puddles and my kids want to play with him in the puddle??
  2. A toy saw –?? I really have no explanation, maybe I could use it as a weapon to scare off potential bad guys??
  3. Crayons — Ahhha I know exactly why these are in here.  So the next time we are in a restaurant, ready to be kicked out, I can whip these out and get 2.5 minutes of almost quiet time.
  4. Toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash– Well everyone has that right?
  5. The Tide pen– That is for when I spill my lunch down the front of my shirt or I have given my kids anything to eat in the car.
  6. Crackers & Cookies– Well if you have kids you know they get “Hangry” (means they get very angry when they are hungry) so you must be prepared for such event.
  7. A race car & Mickey book–?? Not to sure about this one either.  I believe they are mostly used as flying projectiles.
  8. Advil & Tums– This is another easy one… It helps take the pain away of being “mom”!  Prescription medication and booze is USUALLY left at home.


So what’s in your (or your significant others) purse?  I would love for you to share/comment on the weirdest things you are carrying right now!


  1. Mine’s actually not too full or weird currently. But only because I changed it recently after old one broke so it went through a sort out! Always full of packets of raisins though. Used to be full of make up. Now it’s raisins. Having make up would suggest I am ever going to actually look in a mirror and reapply some. I’m not.


  2. This was so funny–and sweet. isn’t it amazing how such a small thing like a Band-aid can be someone’s salvation in their moment of crisis! But, I’d like a fuller explanation of the toy saw. 😉


  3. Well, today I came home with an extra large Slim Jim (you never know when you’re going to need that protein!) and a shirt in my bag. But I do remember what my bag was like when my son was young. Matchbox cars, crayons and sometimes snack packs or fruit chews.


  4. I had forgotten how much you needed to pack for an outing with a toddler! Luckily my daughter usually has a bag packed that I just need to grab and go. I actually try to have some little surprise in my bag. My grandson loves looking in my bag when I visit and I always have a surprise for him. Last time it was a superhero cape which I had received in a fun run – not my style actually but a great gift for him.

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  5. I can relate the grandmother with grandchildren 4 and 2 as those are my grandson’s ages and I would never take them anywhere to eat by myself! Haha. I am a nurse so I always have bandaids, tylenol, aleve, imodium, and probiotics in my purse. You wouldn’t believe how many times I share these items with others who need them. I am envious of the toy saw, though, and may have to get one. Just for my purse.

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  6. I actually don’t carry a purse for this exact reason – too much clutter for me! Heh but my kids are young, I’m sure that’ll change as they grow and I need to bring more with me than just diapers, wipes, and a couple toys 😉

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  7. I don’t have a handbag either. I have a tack room in my car: halters, bridles, masks, hard hats, grooming gear, a fly rug and at least 2 saddles. Also some hay, straw and horse feed. I am thinking of getting myself a handbag like Linda’s now, so that I can carry a bottle of wine for emergencies.

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  8. My bag is kind of large (in UK a purse is a tiny bag to put only money in, a zipped wallet) and contains everything but the kitchen sink – I can fit a bottle of wine in it comfortably. When my boys were younger, it was full of crayons, baby wipes, anti bacterial hand gel, mints, haribos, spare pants (underwear) – not mine, plastic carrier bags…. apart from the underwear the bag still contains thesame things today 😳

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  9. I don’t have a purse. I avoid it because I would inevitably end up with things like toy saws… and sticky wrappers…and rocks. But if you want to talk about the back seat of my car it might (not) surprise you to hear the the actual kitchen sink has ridden in there. As well as a sink full of dishes.

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