Soccer Mom

So it’s official the boys have started soccer.  Travis is 3 and Christopher will be 2 in October.  They will be playing Saturday mornings for about 1 hour.  This is plenty of time at this point.  I mean I’m not looking to start them on the travel team just yet.  My thinking is, tire them out on a Saturday morning, have them come home and take a 3 hour nap.  Well, presto, that is exactly what happened.  Woohoo!

Our first practice included about 20 other children all 4 years old and younger.  They each were wearing their jerseys, cleats, and shin pads.  Adorable!  There is also a paid coach, from the UK, Ross, he seems to be great with the kids.

All the kids seemed to gather up around the coach every time he wanted to go over a new drill for them.  All the kids, but mine!  These two definitely march to the beat of their own drum, and I’m totally okay with that.  I suggested a few times they join the group, but Christopher was happier doing silly things and flirting with the other moms.  While Travis was very busy observing what everyone else was doing.

While the others were running and jumping after the ball, mine were playing hula hoop and making hats.

Beyond adorable right?  Let’s not forget in the 45 minutes of play we needed snacks (again only my two), and potty breaks, and many, many water breaks (which I’m sure lead to the inevitable potty breaks)

The jerseys are as big as they are.  Or as my mother in law calls them, their soccer dresses.  The shin guards can protect their shins and thighs.  Have I mentioned yet how darn cute they are?

Travis did get a few kicks in.  Apparently the ball is optional when kicking.  Watch out Christopher!14291706_10209099697523072_281676803972131003_n

I didn’t understand until today how tiring “soccer” can be.  Plus add in the hula hooping, hat making, snacks, and drinks, and well this is the end result:

No worries Christopher, you just make yourself comfortable wherever you would like.



While I was attempting to get the boys to join the other kids (which they weren’t hearing it) I joked with the boys and said “We are going to be the ones they all talk about when we leave!”  You know what, who cares.  They had fun and can’t wait to go back.  So to my future scholarship boys and future Olympians 2030, you keep rocking soccer your way!  The fun of it, is the whole point!  Any and all endorsements will be seriously considered!





  1. Oh my those two are going to be head turners, so cute! My daughter didn’t catch the soccer bug, but give her a ball and bat and you better believe it’s softball time :). Good luck on some future endorsement deals!


  2. Beyond adorable Beth! My older grandson played hockey last year and it was a hoot. He did really well except he didn’t like all the gear, or the cold or skating. Other than that it went great. Looks like you have some Gold Medalist in the making in your family!

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  3. I have to admit, I fought the soccer thing until I saw its magic powers! Soccer could put my boys to bed in minutes after running around all morning. Whoever invented soccer for kids was a genius.


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