Did Someone Say Candy?

This is a guest post written by: Wendy Dessler  www.sweetservices.com

For a couple of years now, candy buffets have become all rave at weddings, showers, and birthday parties.  I will say, I love them!  So Wendy has included some tips on how to have the best candy buffet at your event.

Steps for Making the Best Candy Buffets

Candy buffets have made a huge impact on the party crowds. From birthday parties to buffet1weddings, there is a candy buffet taking the place of the old fashion cake table. They are colorful, bright, creative, and the ideas are endless.  But, for all the ambition and excitement we have about getting on board, we still have questions.  We have LOTS of questions. We understand. This article will answer all the candy buffet mysteries that have kept you clinging to your tray of cupcakes for far too long. So, let’s break it down.

How much candy do I need?

Of course, you need enough candy to set up a great display table and not continually refill the jars.  That was no help at all, was it?  You can figure out how many people will be at the party, how many bags they will take home with them, how much candy will be scooped in a single scoop and do the math. But the easy way is to use small size party bags (or boxes) and to figure eight ounces of candy per person. Buy your candy in five-pound bags and mix it so the guests are not trying to get an individual scoop of each flavor. Fill in empty spots with dots, lollipops, marshmallows, pretzels, and cotton candy (think anything with bulk), Use M&M’s, gummies, gum balls, skittles, mints, and designer candy for jars and trays.  Your new best friends are at www.sweetservices.com and they will help you with all of this.

How many jars or containers do I need?

To make a nice table, figure on seven containers for a six to eight-foot table. jars More if the table is considerably larger.  Remember some of the candy will be mixed, and some you may want your display separately. For two jars with the same candy, simply put them on either end of the table. Use various shapes and heights. Anything goes from mason jars with ribbons to crystal dishes and scoops. Yard sales and estate sales are great places to find unique dishes (and so are your friend’s homes). As for new and unusual, try Tuesday Mornings, Marshalls, or Target. Look online for closeouts and end of season specials.

How do I choose the candy?

Choose three colors to keep with. Different shades of the color are fine. Pick a theme and your candy bags. After that, keep in mind the location of the party (if it is on the beach in August, chocolate is probably not a good choice. Ask your supplier for sales and ideas. (Do you remember that new best friend that I mentioned?) There will be such a great selection, you cannot go wrong. Choose jars with mouths large enough to get a small scoop or ladle in, and choose candy that is easy to pick up with the scoops (or tongs in some cases). Consider the candy of the season. Pastels for spring, fall colors, or foil covered holiday selections.

So we have covered your theme (colors and theme of the table). How to buy the candy, the kinds of jars and the tongs and scoops you will need. You have all the ingredients to a fantastic candy buffet.  The only thing you need now is your imagination!  There is nothing to fear.  Just start planning and you will have a great party!









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