End Of The Summer Family Fun

We had another family adventure this past week.  Notice, I did not use the word vacation!

My husband and I took all the boys to North Conway in New Hampshire.

We stayed at the red-jacket-mountain-viewRed Jacket Resort.  The hotel has an indoor water park, which was great for the little guys.  Domenic (who just turned 14 Monday) enjoyed it as well, but mostly for the fact of chasing his brothers around.  It wasn’t as adventurous as he would have liked it to be.

We enjoyed the outdoor pool very much.  Guests were able to order food and drinks, pool side.  There was also an outdoor playground for the little ones.  At dusk they offered an outdoor family movie to watch (we didn’t get to that, I’ll explain a little later).  The hotel and it’s guest rooms were fine, however could use a little TLC and updating.

I did have a little incident because I booked online through Expedia.  I was under the impression we had full access to the indoor water park included in our stay.  I was wrong.  I was told it is an additional $20.00 per person, per day.  Yikes!!  That would have been $300.00 more.  So I approached the front desk with my issue, and they were very understanding and comped our water park passes for 2 days.  I was pleasantly surprised!  Their customer service was great despite my bad attitude.

The only plan we had was to visit Santa’s Village one day, and other than that we would play it by ear.  We made our way to Santa’s Village.  As we pulled up to the giant Santa sign, Travis was beyond excited to get in there. 14064267_10208958481112750_6100475067263558091_n

Once inside, there were rides, and a find an elf scavenger hunt, an area to pet and feed Santa’s reindeer, and of course, a meet and greet with Santa himself, in his home.  There were places to buy food and drinks, and an adorable candy/fudge shop.  They have strollers for the kids that they provide at NO charge!

The highlight for the boys was probably the rides.  Travis seemed very excited to see Santa, but when it was his turn to sit with him he freaked out…again!  I was able to stand next to Santa with Travis connected to my hip on the other side just long enough for Santa to ask Travis what he wanted for Christmas.  If you read my blog often then you can probably guess what he asked for… Yup he told Santa he wanted a “big monster fuck!”  Oh dear Lord, Santa looks at me and says, “What did he just say?”  I said “you heard him right, however he means truck.”  Santa laughed and told us he was asking for the same thing for Christmas.  Seriously when is this kid going to pronounce truck the right way?  I do bust out laughing every time, awful, I know, but it is so funny.  I’m sure I will be sad when he can say it the right way.

We stayed at the park for about 4 hours which seemed to be enough for the little guys.  Then made our way back to the hotel for dinner and bedtime.

Our last day was meant to be for relaxing and hanging by the pool.  However my husband can never just relax and sit still, therefore his wheels were already spinning as to what great things we could be doing.  His first idea was mini golf, then later planned for a train ride through North Conway.

Ok back up… mini golf, with toddlers, are you freaking crazy?!?!  Those were my exact thoughts & words!  My husband thought it would be a great idea.  First I will give him credit where credit is due, we laughed and laughed.  However toddler mini golf = shit show.  There was no keeping score, hell, there was no keeping your ball or club.  It was pure chaos!  Here are just a few little glimpses into what “toddler mini golf” looks like:

There was crying, club throwing, trying to swim in the water, stealing balls, and a hole in one!  As much as I was crabbing about it while doing it, it turned out to be one of my best memories of the trip.

Last but not least, we took a ride on the North Conway Scenic Railroad.  The boys were so excited to see and ride on a real train.  We took a 55 minute train ride around North Conway.  Beautiful views of the mountains, including Mount Washington.  I was worried the boys would get bored and start acting like maniacs, but they didn’t.  They really enjoyed sitting and watching out the windows for cool stuff.  Travis seemed to be obsessed with mountains while we were there, so he was in his glory.  My husband and I enjoyed it very much also.

That was our mini trip in a nutshell.  We had a great time and can’t wait to get back!


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